Plumbing Marketing | Don’t Always Make Bad Choices

Plumbing Marketing | When Mistakes are Made
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As you enter into the world of Plumbing marketing, you are bound to make mistakes. The question that you have to ask yourself as if I heard these mistakes going to cost you money. Are these mistakes going to cost you time? Now these mistakes going to costume customers? I wish I could tell you that there was a quick and easy answer to these questions, but unfortunately, that really just depends on a mistake. Sometimes time is the only consequence of a mistake. Sometimes the mistake WIll indeed cost to customers. The one thing I know about every mistake is that you will gain and education if you take the time to find treasure the teachable moment.

I once heard the story about the hospital who hired an MRI technician. for those who are unfamiliar with MRIS one a day key features of that is that a use magnets to create images. Because magnets are so powerful they cannot allow anything metal in the room. this new employee made an error and some metal got caught in machine and destroyed it. Has he went to the boss to confess his error and assumably turn in his name badge and clean out his office because he knew that he was guaranteed have been fired for cause in the hospital well over $1000000 in machinery. the boss refused his resignation. He asked,” I’ve already invested a million dollars into educating you on procedures, why would I let you quit now?” there is an amazing truth here. Mistakes can indeed be extremely costly, but they can be extremely educational so we was never dismiss or for that the education that is gained to us and our employees by making them. As long as we are committed to only allowing mistake Happened One Time.

What are some of the mistakes that you have experienced wow performing your plumbing marketing? How often have are employees made a common error that didn’t cost you too much, big they became a great teachable moment. well I was in college I worked my way through school as a contractor. Primarily I did painting work I will never forget the lesson our entire team learn one day as one of my co-workers balance to paint can on top of his ladder in the middle of a family’s living room. No great surprise I can assume that you will predict that the cake paint cans fell over and Spilled nearly a full gallon of paint in the middle of this family’s room destroying their carpet. the owner of the house was devastated however yeah, because my boss had made a similar mistake in the past and learn from it yeah, he was able to immediately Implement a plan to clean and preserve the carpet.

additionally, no one on that painting crew ever made that mistake again. It was horrifying and it’s seared into our memories. we watched a homeowner cry, and then just a few hours later Rejoice with us as we showed that we couldn’t do you get the paint out of a carpet. And we went ahead and cleaned the rest of her living rooms carpet as well. The room ended up looking better then when we arrived . all of this was possible because we embraced Lessons Learned.

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