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Plumbing Marketing | Follow the Leader
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As you begin to hire staff to initiate your plumbing marketing strategies, remember that he want employees not puppets. Papa cannot think for itself a puppet only does the very specifics of what you have to do. It has no mind of its own and it can only be responsible for the very very detailed instructions you have given it. An employee which hopefully becomes the leader does it have a mind of its own and has ability to be critical and think through the processes and hopefully improve your systems through a collaborative effort.

Previous articles I have written I talked extensively about my time in the online retail world of furniture sales. great treasure Trove of lessons was learned during that season my life, specifically, I learned how to not run a business. I was second command to a very poor leader who could not stomach being challenged and eventually ran his company in the bankruptcy. all he wanted was puppets for his staff rather than critical thinking and qualified employees Mega collaborate with. unfortunately, I am no puppet.

His brother, on the other hand, was a perfect puppet. this was a kid who would believe literally anything his brother said. whether it was related to business, or related to politics, or advice on his life and marriage, he would eat up anything his brother put down Hook Line & Sinker. I never got sick of taking advice and taking it on the chin when his brother made a mistake. It was a wildly dysfunctional relationship. And it was wildly dysfunctional for the company. The younger brother was in charge of data entry for the website.

The state of injury would have included things like all the details I needed as the sales manager to properly Implement a strong Plumbing marketing strategy. but because he was a puppet employee he never created a repeatable and consistent system for uploading data. Instead he just did whatever his brother said even though the older brother did not have enough enough expertise to properly manage that department. The older brother was the Visionary, he had no understanding of the the nitty-gritty involved in managing the website. But because a little brother did not stand up to him our website was filled with very preventable errors.

In conclusion, do not be a puppet. Do not hire puppets. the more puppets you have in leadership roles, the worst off your company will be. A really healthy boardroom argues, and argues passionately, with the understanding that it is business and is not personal. This environment allows for healthy conflict is how good ideas are created and refined. It is critical for the health of your organization for the success of your plumbing marketing plans that you have enough conflict and Leadership to really refine your product. Think of your product like a rough Stone being thrown into a river instead of conflict the Rapids that that rough Stone become smooth and ideal.

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