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Plumbing Marketing | Once upon a time
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What is the best way to get my message across when I’m doing Plumbing marketing? What are some of the best tools of communication in which I will get an emotional response for my potential clients as well as a committed buying experience? Without a doubt, the best tool I have ever seen to communicate a decision making point to another person is through the power of a story. Think about it. when you hear a story you’re not digesting facts and figures and thinking through the objective realities of things. those are all part of the story oh, and they are usually not false. At least a good story is not false. The best part about a story is that it puts a person in the shoes of the Storyteller, and it become intellectually and emotionally invested.

One of the most powerful strategies that we can use when talking to a potential client is telling our successes. I can tell them all day long how I think I can increase revenues by 150%, while reducing their cost of goods sold by 10%, and so on and so forth. But there is nothing more effective than saying,” let me tell you what Jim’s experience was with us…” Not only is the power of a story too emotionally involved your clientele, but it also is the best way to hold their interest long enough for you to communicate your offer effectively and appropriately and power sleep.

So has your thinking about your plumbing marketing material be sure to include client testimonials. But I would challenge you to do you even one better. I would include a single story, or a video of a customer talking not just about the results of your services, but the problem that you solved the talk about the emotional heartache that was being experienced by your customer can you bring me a solution to the table that left everyone happy. If you can bring solutions to problems than money becomes less of an issue. If you’re just another widget trying to take a dollar from a customer you will always be priced by price. You want to get to a place where you are priced by your value Solutions you are bringing to their lives.

You must distinctly declare and distinguish why you are different from the competition. Why you are the only solution for their unique problems. And you must have someone other than yourself saying it. It gives credibility if the solution to the problem is being presented by somebody or also had that same problem. Whenever possible, get an existing or previous customer to sing your praises. not only is this effective in winning new customers, but it’s incredible for your search engine optimization as well. The more reviews you get on Google, reviews you get on your website, and videos you post produces more and more content for you which gives you a better ranking and search engines and ultimately establishes you as a leader in the marketplace. The days of fighting for leads along be behind you.

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