Plumbing Marketing | The Keys in The Integrity

Plumbing Marketing | Integrity is Key
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Remember that your plumbing marketing strategy will also require integrity. I have been telling you the story of my time in the online furniture retail business. We were very successful very quickly. Within a year we were nearly doing $4000000 in annual revenue, with very impressive margins on top of that. as I previously explained, the company grew faster than the Integrity of the president was able to keep up with. things became your rationale, money started to be stolen, in the culture of our workplace was ruined.

As I begin to see these telltale signs that the company was going to fold it became clear to me the action had to be taken. I can no longer tolerate watching the company that I had helped build we slowly destroyed by the cancerous nature of our president. But even in this, because our sales team was good, and from a sales perspective we still operated with integrity, I still had hope. unfortunately there was one final act that broke that hope, and I could no longer tolerate working there.

We had a customer buy a product from a website that was very clearly listed incorrectly. Not clear for him, but clear for us. basically, we accidentally put the wrong price on the product. this happened because the president four star development team to push things onto the website before they could be approved by the sales team, but I digress. by the way, when planning your plumbing marketing never allow these sort of things to happen. Everything must be approved by the people who are supposed to approve it. if you go over their appropriate people’s heads you are guaranteed to lose clients and produce a poor product.

so after this customer purchased for my website at too low a price oh, I went to the president and explain what had happened to the sale. explain that the appropriate thing to do is just do lose a little bit of money on this transaction, learn from the mistake, and fix our listing. We’re only talking about a couple hundred dollars, but it was so obviously our mistake I saw no way to justify canceling the sale. the president refused to take my suggestion. He demanded that we call the customer in demand more money for the sale that he had just completed. when planning your plumbing marketing, do not sell something, and then go ask for more money for the thing that you’ve already sold.

This was my final straw. I no longer believe that we could even sell with integrity at our company. I refuse to make that call and immediately turn in my 2-week notice. true to form, he did not accept my two week notice oh, and ask him to leave the office immediately. You been canceled my paycheck so that I did not get paid for the previous two weeks of my laborer. this is a shining example a poor Integrity in a company, and poor integrity Hanna Plumbing marketing strategy. never allow your greed to overrule your logic. Obviously, we lost the customer, we got bad reviews, and the company lost an executive that was your lifeline. they went bankrupt not too much long later.

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