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Plumbing Marketing | The Floor Fell Out
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Do not let your plumbing marketing go down that path. To make matters worse, he was increasingly irresponsible with things as simple as payroll. Checks begin to start being paid late, would begin to receive collection calls Harbor vendors, and the creme-de-la-creme mistake was that he mistakenly had his wife’s payroll delivered to the office. we’ve been learned that he had his entire family ( who did not work for the company) on April. He was paying his father mother wife and anyone who he could think of wow not paying his employees a fair wage. the fastest way to ruin culture and employee morale and to simultaneously kill your plumbing marketing plans is to advertise that you do not care about your employees and that you do not mind siphoning money from the company and those who work so hard what.

Fortunately, I was able to see the writing on the wall. I began to see the customer service slipping due to unnecessary I want a greed. It’s greed why is a defense mechanism to his overwhelming spending habits that the company could not sustain. when I began to realize who was the captain of our ship I decided to resign. thank God I did. now my resume shows we having been on the ground floor of a startup as the Vice President of Sales, growing a company from 0 to nearly 4 million dollars in annual sales.

had I waited much longer, my resume would have shown me as being on the ground floor of a startup and righting the ship the bankruptcy. a paragraph the point of this story it’s to show that no matter how much and how effective your plumbing marketing is, you cannot replace the power of a transparent and healthy organization. If leadership to be a leech on its own company, the company is guaranteed to fail because the culture will be broken.

Take heart! These are the solutions at Redmond growth brings to the table. Compensation is one of the most difficult landmines to walk around because it is hard for people to understand what you are worth as a business owner. You are indeed worth a lot! Do not forget the years you put into your company where you are making almost nothing because you desperately wanted to break even. Do not forget the years your employees got bonuses while you barely collected our paycheck because you are so focused on investment and growth.

However, be transparent. Do not do things that make your employees question your morality and whether or not you are embezzling. Do not put non working family members on your payroll. let Redmond growth walk alongside you and show you how to appropriately communicate to your team a transparent and fair compensation strategy along with effective Plumbing marketing strategy. Remember, this is what we are good at. We coach and counsel companies all the time and we are comfortable waiting into the complexity at least sensitive issues. Not only are we comfortable, but we are proficient and experience.

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