Plumbing Marketing | The Intuition is the Ignition

Plumbing Marketing | Trust your Instincts
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When it comes to Plumbing marketing and Staffing your company with the people who are going to be helping you with it, there’s a real value and Trust in your instincts. It is never wise to make decisions solely based on your instinct, but it is important to file away your instincts so that you can breakfast and later as you begin to develop a fuller picture of who these people are. remember, especially when you are a start-up, the staff you choose becomes a huge part of the culture and the future of your company.

Let me tell you story about the time I hired a general manager for a Fishing Resort I managed in northern Minnesota . because I live in Oklahoma, imagine that it’s difficult to do a good job at hiring for a resort that is nearly a thousand miles away. but if I can hire for that, you should be confident that we can hire staff for your plumbing marketing needs. Learning to hire and manage from so far away has given me a great respect for the difficulties of the hiring process. It is also giving me a great respect for all the Technologies available to the business owner today. Distance it’s beginning to mean very little in today’s practical economy.

As this story pertains to instincts, let me just say that my Spider Sense was tingling when I met this employee. this was one of the few hiring instances because the position was so important that we decided to fly the candidate into Oklahoma for face-to-face interview. I immediately noticed how bloodshot his eyes were, and seemingly disheveled and disorganized his appearance was. it raised every flag in me fat I had an instinct he had just sobered up. other than that observation, he performed very well in the interview.

I had also learn that we gained a difficulty in reaching out to his references, and when asked about that, he had very disparaging things to say about his previous employers. this is a red flag number two. Again, anyone who has made it to their 30s knows that bad employers exist. it is very difficult to achieve anything in this life without having run into a few bad eggs along the way. So this was a red flag, but certainly not a deal-breaker. it is important to keep this in mind as you perform your plumbing marketing. if you are one of these bad employers, word of mouth will spread very quickly about you.

I had quite a bit of reservations about hiring them and was trying to think out of the box for a different solution two are hiring problem. however, he was admittedly the best candidate we had at the time and the vacation season was fast approaching our Resort and we desperately need a solution. the owner of the company decided to overlook these objections and move forward with the hiring process. My decision that I completely understand.

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