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It is vitally critical for your plumbing marketing strategy to Think Through the perspective of your clientele. several previous articles I have spoken in depth about my good times the family Ministries pastor. I work for medium sized church and which I was responsible for all the activities related to the children’s church as well as to the youth group. unfortunately, the head Pastor to not share my work ethic, or my vision for the church. And if you read my previous articles you will learn that he did not share the vision of the global Church. Which is a disciple Believers in the ways of Christ.

Needless to say our relationship did not end well. In fact he went out of his way to blackball me in the ministry. He lied to the board and to the parents of the youth group concerning aspects of my job. None of which were ever any moral issues, but he lied to them concerning some leadership qualities that he did not believe I had. Ironically oh, he was promoting a form of leadership that literally require no effort. He asked me to delegate every aspect of my job to volunteers so that the members of the church would have more to do, and feel Greater buy in.

Though he was surprisingly excellent at this, as he only worked in the office about 2 hours a week because the rest of the time was spent playing basketball and running around having fun while he “meditated on the Lord” , and focus on his personal education. Which meant to read a lot of books that he never applied. by the way, the goal of your plumbing marketing strategies is not for you to be able to be lazy. I take a lot of work to manage and own a business, it is not until you have become wildly successful that you can start delegating effectively it could start taking time off and let your business work for you.

has been in a great many years since I spoken to him. But interestingly he texted me today. He asked me to go out for coffee because he feels I am on his heart. honestly, I cannot imagine a reason for him to reach out to me. Like I said before, things did not end well between us. It’s hard to trust a man who openly lied about you, and then did not allow you an exit interview so that you could explain your position to the board. It’s hard to respect a man who didn’t even have the courage to fire you but instead underhand of the got approval to decrease your salary so much that it made it possible for you to stay. remember that as you manage your Plumbing marketing you should have the courage to be legitimate Peter.

This person even out of his way to arrange enough severance pay on the condition I did not talked to the board about my concerns. He literally arranged for hush money so that he could not have a contrary leader in his organization. This is the man that demanded a puppet, and I’m nobody’s puppet. All of this to say, I see no value for myself and going to coffee with him, but there might be a value for him. This is the sort of lens want you to have when evaluating their Plumbing marketing. if he’s the customer oh, that he must have a reason for reaching out to me. He must have a need that I can bring a solution to. I wonder if he just need to clean his conscience for the way he treated me and my family .

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