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Before you can develop good Plumbing marketing strategies and growth plans oh, you must develop transparency within your organization. it would Amaze you how often I see companies that seem to be thriving and growing and excelling in the process of delivering what they choose to deliver, but because they do not have clean and clear transparency among their employees and staff they operate with a cancer Within. A healthy company is a trusting company. I’m not referring to Blind and stupid trust, but trust that is earned and verified, and with management and owners who our as bought in to the company has been expecting employees to be

I once worked for a small startup in which the owner was a passionate salesman. he could convince anyone and everyone that our company was the greatest thing since sliced bread. We were revolutionary and our culture was one that was built. We were a family with no equal in the marketplace. Unfortunately, he did not have the character to match his claims. at the company began to grow, he became more and more selfish and greedy, and refuse to compensate his key performers for the growth that the company experienced. if this was insufficient to cause distrust and complaining amongst the staff oh, just wait till until I finish the story.

As we began to see our numbers grow beyond the million dollars of Revenue yeah, we began to see less and less of our owner. Which, systems are in place to allow for this increased Freedom that is perfectly appropriate. But, if the owner is a wild micromanager and refuses to trust his keep performing employees and compensate them for the leadership they bring to the table your company is doomed to fail. so this absent owner refuse to take his hands out of every piece of the company and refused to compensate appropriately as leaders that’s creating more and more communication breakdown. this is an example of someone who read too many business books and as you start to see real revenues coming to a company he thought he was Donald Trump began to live a lifestyle that did not yet match play some Marc Anthony. Needless to say, he ignored Our advice and begin to spend way too much money and allocating way too many resources in areas that were not Revenue developing Avenues of art company. if you are falling into this trap oh, stop buying things and start investing in plumbing marketing.

For example, he bought a forklift in order to move product that we do not even Warehouse. He literally spent thousands and thousands of dollars on an item that could maybe you be used someday in the future. this money would have been much better spent in advertising, which is the argument I’m making for plumbing marketing strategies. it did not take long for the energy of the staff who loved our fast-growing company to begin to resent the company for taking more and more their time without providing any hope for personal development and growth.

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