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Plumbing Marketing | Advising Family
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Let me tell you a plumbing marketing story that I believe will really help your business. Admittedly this story has very little to do with the plumbing industry, but they’re still be epic bolt to your specific needs. Remember, 90% of business is universal no matter what industry you are in the principles apply that’s one of the reasons that Redmond growth is able to be so successful in coaching and Consulting client across a broad spectrum of Industries. I truly believe that there is not a company or an industry that we would not be able to help. Big or small, the principles that we have come to love and systemize are effective in all businesses.

my wife is an incredibly talented photographer. She has that natural eye for things that I don’t fully understand what she can make pictures come to life in a pretty impressive way. So we decide to buy her very nice camera. After she had the camera should begin to learn the intricacies of the art. she began to learn every aspect of the camera, things I still don’t understand. Things like aperture and Ico Etc. I’m not even sure if I use this terms correctly. she became so good at this hobby, that people begin to ask her to take their family photos.

It seemed like a natural business was forming. It’s nice when your customers come to you asking to spend their money rather than you having to go out looking for them. she started a photography company. here’s where you should be going to find similarities between your plumbing company and your plumbing marketing strategies. when I say my wife started a photography company, I mean that she started to take some money and take pictures. she did not properly file the documents with the state and the government.

For whatever reason the process intimidated her Beyond what I found rational. Every time I tried to help her, she would get frustrated me trying to take over her business. so instead of doing it for her, I begin to send her Links of step-by-step processes for filing LLC and do very basic things such as file for an EIN. after two-and-a-half years of owning a photography business, she still had not filed the appropriate documents to begin actually working. if you’re going to be a plumbing company and do some Plumbing marketing, you have got to do the hard part and address what does intimidating you and begin to file the right paperwork to be a business.

So in a stroke of Genius, I decided to go ahead and file all these documents for her and present them to her for her birthday present. I had handled the biggest limiting factor in her company, had a really pretty presentation with the nice license for business and such. It turns out that I’m an idiot. 1 that is a and apparently terrible birthday present. 2 apparently overstepped my bounds and got involved into in her business where I was not invited. even though I had been invited several times by her asking me how to do what I just did for her.

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