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Your plumbing marketing strategies needed in evolved Creative Solutions for your client tells real problems. you can sell a product or a service with all the features and benefits in the world of your customers do not know how to use them or take advantage of them then they are no more valuable than leaves in the Wind. it is critical that your sales process does not just include a list of benefits and features, but it needs to include an implementation strategy so that your customers and clientele can fully realize and experience the benefit they bring to the table

Example of a strategy was implemented when I was a manager for Verizon Wireless. Technically I didn’t actually work for Verizon Wireless I work for a company called The Cellular Connection. They were premium retailer of Verizon. I was selling cell phones back when the smartphone has first introduced to the market. it was absolutely incredible innovation, and then every phone manufacturer was rushing to create the phone with the next best set of features. it seemed like every company was releasing the ” iPhone killer”. unfortunately, all of these companies missed a key aspect of the marketing plan that iPhone did not miss.

Any tech savvy person will tell you that iPhones are actually not very good phones. The technology behind them is always playing catch-up, but what is fascinating is that they’re still among the leading sales phones out there. despite nothing the least bit innovative. but this be a note to you as you consider your plumbing marketing. It is not always about Innovation that sells your product, but your ability to communicate well with your ideal buyer. I began to sell every smartphone that the market had to offer, including the iPhone.

Though, I quickly realized that people did not have a clue how to use these new and improved phones that would make their lives so much easier. This was the generation that was transitioning from the flip phone over to the smartphone and all they were used to a phone being able to do was make and receive phone calls and awkwardly text. A Whole New World of time management and productivity was at their fingertips oh, they just had to be taught how to use it.

As you do your plumbing marketing consider the actual experience of your customer ask them questions notice the feedback you are getting and then start to create a plan to address it. remember the buyer is the end-user and if they are not satisfied and are there not competent and what you are offering them then you have wasted your time in your services. on this very same principle is what I built an hour cell phone stores. I began to offer 30-minute classes for anyone who bought a phone from me. I would give them the phone and I would give them a notebook and I would say you take this home for one week, and anything that you cannot figure out right down the question and then come back and see me and we will work together for 30 minutes and I will teach you how to operate every aspect of this phone.

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