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concerning the first point, and perhaps how it pertains to Plumbing marketing. the solution seems to be obvious. If his objective is to open up a conversation in which he gains and Avenue to alleviate some personal guilt he is feeling, then the quickest at Ford is to say that I don’t have any issues with him. Which is the route I took. I simply let him know that I’m not harboring any hard feelings or bitterness has. I reinforce the idea that the primary reason for our not being able to work together was ideological and I did not focus or even bring up issues of character or integrity.

my wife believes that I made a mistake. she feels that he missed a perfect opportunity and which I could show him all the hurt he did to our family. And even the damage he did to the church. There’s an opportunity. Allow him to realize that his actions have consequences and that it would have been an opportunity for him to look outside of his own worldview and perhaps gain a little perspective. which is a valuable tool you are completing your plumbing marketing. It is always important to take a look from someone else introspective to analyze what you are doing.

my wife further points out that if the Lord was showing him something that he needed to make right then I had an obligation 2 on our way price was likely trying to show him. She points out that if the Lord is speaking to him to have coffee with me then there was a lesson that he was meeting to learn. a lesson that he did not learn because I opted not to bring up the issues of the past oh, and I fast forwarded straight to the objective of easing his guilt. unfortunately, I have to admit that she has a point to here.

when I’m actively in the conversation and in the situation remind unfortunate does not move as quickly as I would like it too. Sometimes it really things a little bit too late, and then you have to wonder if what you did was right or wrong, and then you have to examine if there’s a way for you to remedy it. the same principle should be applied to your plumbing marketing. It is always best to review what you’ve done it the other day to see if there’s any areas of correction that can take place. in my situation, I was only smart enough to think of it from the objective perspective. Probably because I’ve been in business little too long.

In business, and in most parts of life, I firmly believe that my goal is to achieve goals. My whole world is entirely objective focused. but in relationships, sometimes it is not always about the objective, but also the journey and the growth opportunities that come along with the objective. I clearly did not think through this at the time of my coffee meeting, but in retrospect perhaps I should have use the opportunity to give him a coachable moment and allow him to see the flaws of his behavior in the past. but as it pertains to Plumbing marketing, please just stay focus on the objective and do not compromise Integrity in the process.

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