Plumbing Marketing | Fires that Plague Many Owners

Plumbing Marketing | Dealing with Fires
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as a business owner who puts out a million fires a day, and is always thinking about your plumbing marketing, you cannot get into the habit of assuming that every problem is a true wildfire. Frankly, no more little problems we can address and learn from and teach with, the healthier your company will be one year, two year, three years from now. Company that does not learned is a company that does not grow. A company that does not grow is a company that will not provide you the time and Financial Freedom you desire. Very Freedom that was the foundational reason for you even starting a company.

Never lose sight of the goals. when you are performing in planning your plumbing marketing oh, it is important to remember that the goal is to build a scalable company. Did the systems that Redmond growth will teach you this does not necessarily mean that growing a company needs more and more hours for you. It means more and more freedom, while producing more and more wealth, in a legacy for your family. Do not misunderstand me. You will definitely have to work a lot of hours. You will definitely have all-nighters and you will definitely be exhausted. All great Futures require an investment of today. The goal of working with us is to an ax systems and strategies that as you scale your company it is less reliant on you and thus more profitable for your wallet and providing greater resources in your time.

While we are on the topic of mistakes oh, the greatest mistake we see is businesses not willing or able to scale and the owner is always required to have his hand in every aspect of the business. Plumbing marketing alone is a full-time job, if you are not able to delegate things you will not get anything done and you will not grow. and that probably the greatest mistake you can learn from. But please do me the favor and learn from the countless mistakes we have seen and are telling you about now. Do not wait until it is your mistake and a decade of your life was wasted because you could not learn to delegate properly. Because you would not stop micromanaging you’re highly capable employees.

I strongly encourage you come as you plan your plumbing marketing, to delegate the key aspects of your business that you have trusted incompetent employees to help you with. as you first begin your marketing strategy, this will require a lot of your time as you begin that have successes you will be able to systematically create a training script and procedure so that you can hand off this to a trusted employee. You should see little to no loss of Revenue and marketing leads.

Remember, that mistakes are part of the game. There is no avoiding that reality. However, if you partner with us at Redmond Growth we can help minimize the impact of those mistakes. Not all errors need to be costly to learn from them. We have gained a great deal of wisdom through experience that we can apply to your plumbing marketing strategies.

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