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What is the goal of your plumbing marketing? What is the goal of you even owning and managing your business? These are the questions that you must answer in order to correctly create a strategy for your future. The hard part about this is answering the questions honestly. there are several realities that must be evaluated in order to come to an honest answer from our souls. these questions are not quite as simple as they may seem and let us spend a few minutes digging into it. it is worth noting, and no matter what your goal is, Redmond growth is here to help you achieve it.

our job is to help you grow a company. it is simple from that perspective. The deeper question is the why behind why we’re more growth. Most owners and never sit and sat down and taking the time to ask this question of their soul. The quick and easy answer is that they want money. more money Less Problems so we tend to think. but what is the goal of you having more money? We have found that business owners really break down into two camps of people. The same reality breaks into two camps of owners and the reasons why they want to grow their business. and also answer the question of why we should protect our plumbing marketing.

There are business owners who love the idea of growing something big. They enjoy the money that a big company offers them, but they almost enjoy the process of building a legacy more than they enjoy the money itself. A big company is a big achievement. And big achievements change people’s lives for multiple Generations. If you are able to build a big and healthy company then you have created security for your family in many ways. Look at the Walton family and you will see that this is true. When Sam Walton founded and grew the Walmart Superstores, he effectively guaranteed a comfortable life for his great great great grandchildren.

The second Camp of people who are entrepreneurs create the companies for the sake of creating a lifestyle. these people are less concerned about the pride that comes with growing a big company. They are more concerned about having enough income to do the things they want to do. Income is not the only Factor, obviously they also need and want time freedom. this type of person pursues Plumbing marketing for the purpose of filling their wallet enough to go on vacation next week. they’re less concerned about the growing a legacy for multiple generations and more concerned about enjoying the generation that they are in.

There’s absolutely nothing wrong with either one of these types of business owners. Personally I fit somewhere between the two camps. I get a lot of joy from work, and accomplishing things. In fact, I probably sit comfortably into that category entrepreneur. I fully recognize that prideful Instinct in me that wants to show my family and my peers how well I can do something. but, I also want to be able to enjoy my life while I can.

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