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Plumbing Marketing | Instincts – Round 2
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Remember, that as it pertains to your plumbing marketing, is rarely too late to back out of a bad decision. this was certainly the lesson we learned when hiring a bad general manager for the resort I managed in northern Minnesota. in the previous article I laid out a few red flags that arose during the interview and hiring process for this candidate. ultimately we chose to put those red flags on the back burner of our consciousness , and move forward with hiring the general manager due to a fast approaching vacation season at our Resort.

I’m sure that you can guess as you read this article that things did not go well. As an act of good faith, we added the manager’s name to the buying accounts for many of our retailers and vendors. this was an effort towards efficiency so that he could purchase things needed for the resort without having to be slow down with an approval process from the corporate offices in Oklahoma. this proved to be a mistake in that we acted too quickly with our trust. he began to irresponsibly spend money. note that has you budget your plumbing marketing every penny matters. don’t trust people with your money who have not earned it.

We then began to receive complaints from long-standing customers of ours. he was getting to create and enforce rules and standards that have not been approved by us at the corporate office. You’re so focused on the authority and power of His role, that he ignored decade-long relationships we had with many of our clientele. Anyone who owns a business knows that the cost of maintaining a loyal customer is so much cheaper than the cost of gaining a new one. There’s nothing more disastrous for your business or your plumbing marketing then losing loyal customers due to bad employees.

We’ve been began to learn of areas of gross misconduct. complete disregard for tasks that we had assigned from the corporate office, extremely irresponsible use of company equipment and supplies, and inappropriate behavior and comments. needless to say, it was time to undo our mistake. Eiffel route to Minnesota and terminated the employee, and even went as far as having a police escort take him off of a property. sometimes a big mistake requires a big resolution.

the moral of the story, and the way it applies to your plumbing marketing, is that you need to have space in your decision-making to trust your instincts. Had I not dismissed the red flags, and had I not too quickly moved into a hiring that was a poor decision maid on the stresses I was experiencing due to an upcoming season, I would not I lost thousands of dollars. this one bad decision literally cost most of the profits for That season in addition 2 and an exorbitant amount of my time. however, lessons were learned and we moved on to Greater success. Remember, mistakes and setbacks are only bumps in the road. Almost any mistake can be remedied. And if you learn from it, your business will be much better off.

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