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Plumbing Marketing | My Belt
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I’m going to attempt to explain to you my Plumbing marketing is very similar to my belt. you might be something of yourself, that is an absolutely crazy analogy. You might be wondering if I have lost my mind. Perhaps I have, but there with me and maybe I can take you along this journey of odd logic we can see if I can either prove my point, or you will lose your lot mind alongside me. Keerai red mangrove find appraisingly useful analogies even the most mundane objects. let’s go set with Service as well as many of our clients are very different and learn and very different ways.

Let me talk and a couple broad Strokes. The first stroke and comparison between your belt and plumbing marketing is that is essential and hold your company together. We’ve all been in that situation where we’re wearing last year’s pants are we may have lost five or six pounds, and you are constantly trying to resurrect your pants and drag them back up to where they belong. About literally holds your wardrobe together very similarly to how your marketing strategy will hold your sales team lead generation together. it is essential in order to not waste time trying to constantly reassemble the Wardrobe of your business.

The second aspect of the similarity between your marketing strategy and your belt is one of sheer cosmetics. I think the last couple decades once belt has become like any other accessory. Even if your pants fit you should you still put on a belt because it looks nice. If you wearing a suit it is often your belt that ties in your other accessories such as your shoes and or tie. do not underestimate the power of a marketing strategy to do the same. It is one of the key things that your customers will see. Your marketing strategy is the way they’re introduced your company and it is deleting aspect of your first impression with your clientele.

An area where they are not similar isn’t the belt has really not changed in technology hundreds of years. today’s belt is pretty much identical to the belts of 200 years ago, just with a couple new and shiny things. Really the belt buckle is what is often the eye catcher. But consider what the last 50 years has seen in the technology growth are. And when one does c microchip technology and something as basic as the belt that tends to do very well. Consider the Texas belt buckles. Let me not be popular in New York, but Texas they are nearly a status symbol.

Or the fancy new click belts that work like a gear system. They are credible and they keep Mystery out of your pants size. You buy one belt and you can adjust it to in your infinite amount of sizes. And still looks clean and classy. It may seem a little awkward when you’re putting your belt on and people can hear the ratcheting habit clicking into place but other than that one awkward aspect is new clip belts are pretty impressive. how can you be Innovative in your plumbing marketing strategies? How can you go the way of the click belt

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