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I’m going to be speaking about a more advanced skill with your plumbing marketing. really the skill is far more in-depth and robust then just pertaining to your marketing strategies. This skill set is one that is critical for you as a business owner. Especially, as a entrepreneur the young business. It is a skill that without mastering you will likely end up broke and out of business. in bankruptcy there’s never a fun conversation to have with your family your friends and business partners.

When I first got married I started a new job working that is a cell phone salesman. Training went well, and I began heading the sales floor Within weeks of my wedding. I was quickly promoted to an assistant manager, and moved 2 a nearby town where they were opening a new store. this was an awesome opportunity, and I jumped at it. The store had a pretty impressive commission structure, and I was realistically doubling the money I would have been earning had I been an hourly employee.

Here’s the lesson to be applied to your plumbing marketing, as well as your general business growth and business budget plans. I was too immature to realize that when you open a brand new store, you will gain an influx of customers. there is definitely a community response to trying out the new guys in town. My first two months in the new store wer exceptional. I was making great money. but I did not realize is that maintaining that level of commissions was not realistic.

And month 3 4 and 5 I begin to see a Jurassic downturn in my income. we were still the highest performing store in our entire District. Which was an honor that we maintained every single month I was with the company , but regardless of our success my income was going down. But remember, I was a newlywed. I had just built my family is new budget based on an unrealistic income. I then had to start using credit cards in order to pay for the commitments I had made all well hoping that I was just in the downturn of the market and I could expect sales to return to their former glory.

Obviously, I was wrong. I had to scramble and face reality. I had to rebuild my budget, and had to be far more conservative because I had to dig myself out of a credit hole created by all the new debt I had accumulated during my first year of marriage. do not let your plumbing marketing and your business go down the same path. You need to understand that as you enter new markets or create new strategies you may see a temporary flux of income. Do not go to your budget based on a moment’s growth. you have to think through what is realistic and what is likely to be repeatable success.

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