Plumbing Marketing | Dude, That’s Not the Point!

Plumbing Marketing | Missing the Point
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You must be careful to not get so caught up in the process of Plumbing marketing that you forget the entire point of your marketing strategy. One of the best ways to keep this front center is. Always have core values pasted around your office. Remember there should always be a point thought you were doing, a why behind all your efforts. are the actions you are taking today in line with the goal of your company. I think I key example this would be Tom’s Shoes. Remember that the purpose of their company, or perhaps the goal of the company is to provide shoes for those get out of horseshoes and impoverished Nations. If they get so caught up in their marketing strategies and caught up in their production caught up in everything that they can no longer afford to send shoes overseas then they have lost sight of their goals.

I want to work for a church as their families Ministries director. Wellness position I learned that the passwords very focused on growing the church. He’s under a lot of stress in regards to the finances of the institution, and the bills that need to be paid. And frankly, the congregation that he had built was not fulfilling the needs. And this quickly became the sole focus of his job. All he cared about was growing the church. It was all about butts in seats, and a secondary note to that was trying to get them to do as much as they could around the church so they didn’t have to spend money on support staff.

My role in the church was managing the children’s Department as well as the Youth Department. One of the things that I did very well and I believe that the church as a universal body should and could be focused on is discipleship. Discipleship of Believers is a key component of any healthy Church, but because our fat Pastor was so focused on growing a church he completely dismissed the role of discipleship. never Focus so much on your plumbing marketing that you lose sight of producing a quality product.

2 as a youth pastor I had a handful of my students come to me asking if they could develop a Bible study in order to learn more. In order to grow in their faith in a deeper and more meaningful way that was not congruent to a large group setting. I thought to myself what a great opportunity to show them the deeper aspects of this beautiful faith we have. With all the excitement in the world I wouldn’t pull my pastor and laid out my plan in the studies we were going to do only to be quickly shut down. Piano interested and discipleship and said that we were not A discipleship Church oh, and we are not a Bible study Church.

That is the equivalent to saying that you are a plumbing marketing company that does not do any Plumbing. it is ludicrous to think that church would lose sight of a core tenet of the faith. Discipleship must be front center of the mind of any successful Church. But this is what I mean by losing focus. I quickly learned that because of these vast differences of opinion on how many Street can and should be run, we we would not be able to work together in the long term. a church that does not embrace the role of discipleship and the church that has no real interest in growth, because growth means a lot more than the number of butts in the number of your seats.

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