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Plumbing Marketing | Employee or Friend
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How close can I get to my employees who perform my Plumbing marketing? Should I be the manager or should I be their friend? What if I employ my family, how do I Define those unique relationships in the context of work? these are some very complex questions that one fortunately do not come with an easy answer. here at Redmond growth we are comfortable waiting into this tricky topic alongside you. these type of questions are often small inconsistencies and issues that can create a surprisingly hostile work environment. Unfortunately, many employees do not take this aspect business serious enough.

So how do I Define the relationship? The honest answer is that you have to be a little bit of a Jekyll and Hyde. it is perfectly acceptable and appropriate to become friends with employees. but everybody has to be mature enough to handle the division of rolls. while at work you can never allow your friend who also is your employee to operate in the areas miliardi that is inappropriate to their job position relationship to yours. I once hired a girl who was a very dear friend. wild at work we could still be familiar and have fun, but there were several times where I had to have a serious on your manager conversations. I found that the easiest way to do this, is to Simply start the conversation with we need to talk with me as manager and you as an employee for a few minutes… most adults convened enter that conversation appropriately

If your friend cannot enter that conversation correctly and appropriately. That may be an indicator that you cannot work together. unfortunately, if this point we performed your plumbing marketing oh, and you have to fire them, it is very likely that you will lose a friend in the process of losing an employee. that is unfortunately just a cost of doing business and having become a friend with an employee. employing friends often creates a great work culture, but the cost of that benefit has potential to be high when you have to start letting people go.

This complexity deepens when you speak in the conversation of hiring and firing family members. there’s nothing more Awkward than working with your family, having to fire them, and then seeing them again at the next holiday. in these scenarios it is extremely difficult to return to normal after the occasion. because of this, I’m actually encourage you not to hire and work with family. what if you have to? and this scenario the key is to keep all information very objective. be very diligent in maintaining your work relationship as separate from your family relationship. never talk about work outside of the office, and never talk about family in the office. In the event that you have to fire someone, it keeps a small amount of emotional distance.

The secret to dealing with any of these firing issues of someone close to you, especially if they are involved in your plumbing marketing, always keep the information objective. and this goes for firing an employee. Employee should have several opportunities to perform. Employee should be written up multiple times before they are fired unless it is a gross offense. in all of these write-ups and offenses should be well-documented so that when the time to fire them comes you can show them their performance and explain how the decision is not a personal one but a company policy situation you simply cannot maintain their employment.

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