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Plumbing Marketing | Tulsa Zoo
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Let me tell you a story that will help you with your plumbing marketing? It’s a story about visiting the zoo with my children. I have three girls the oldest is 5 she will be turning 6 in April. The middle is four and she will be turning 5 in April as well. The baby of the family is 20 months old and she will be turning to in July.

We love to go to the zoo. Before we go, I always load the backpack with snacks such as goldfish, cereal bars, fruit snacks, fresh fruit, water bottles, crackers, cheese sticks, chips. If I think we’re going to stay all day then I will pack us a lunch like peanut butter and jelly sandwiches or something that can keep in a backpack, that way I don’t have to worry about its spoiling. Don’t spoil your reputation, let us help you with your plumbing marketing.

After we load the car and all the girls are buckled in, we head off on our journey. It’s about a 35 minute drive from our house, which isn’t that bad. When I was growing up going to the zoo was a really big deal because it was 2 hours away. The trip there and back took up half the day, let alone all the time spent at the zoo. We are very blessed to have Zoo passes, so we go almost weekly when the weather starts to be warm.

Upon arrival I set up the stroller, strap on the backpack, and unload the girls. As we’re walking up you can hear their giggles and excitement. Thee girls love the zoo, it’s probably one of the top favorite things to do in Tulsa. It’s no wonder that they can barely contain their excitement as they start to see the animal Flags and the statues in the parking lot.

After checking in, the first thing we head to is the globe. The globe is a water feature that the girls can’t get enough of. they love how it Swirls and Twirls and gets their hands all wet, which is the refreshing treat in the hot summer months. After admiring the globe we passed the train and the carousel. The zoo carousel is made up of two dozen zoo animals. Moana, our oldest, really loves to ride on the tiger. Tigers are her favorite. Our middle daughter Lakeland ,always request to ride on the back of a sea lion. She loves how playful they are especially during the show they put on with their trainers. Leia the youngest one of all, really likes the horse. She loves to say neigh as the carousel goes round and round and round. They would probably be just as happy to ride on that all day but I talked them into going and visiting some of the real animals that we can find at the Tulsa Zoo.

All in all, the zoo is a great place to visit and we are so blessed to have it right at our fingertips. In America we are blessed to have quality, trained plumbers. and you will be blessed with our tools and plumbing marketing.

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