Plumbing Marketing | Don’t Confess the Secrets

Plumbing Marketing | Do not tell your secrets
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As you continue to develop your plumbing marketing strategy you’re going to develop some of the incredible best practices. As you begin to dominate your competition they are going to want access to your best practices. which makes these strategies extremely valuable. and where there is value, you must be on the highest possible alert for corruption and dishonesty and even mischief. as you begin to gain success, I guarantee you that your competition will begin to secretly shop you. They’re going to try to reverse-engineer your success and steal your clientele.

If they are not able to do so, then they are going to try to poach your employees. If they cannot steal your clients they will steal your staff. The Great investment you have made and them now becomes an asset to your competition. many business owners instinctually realize this oh, and this is a primary reason they have a hard time trusting their employees. They have a hard time delegating to them the secrets of their success. Unfortunately, this handicapped the business as much as it protects the business. You cannot grow, if you are not able to delegate and trust your employees.

The only reasonable solution to this problem, while protecting your proprietary Plumbing marketing strategies, is to Simply have an ironclad non-disclosure agreement or NDA. A second option, which is a little more difficult to enforce, is having a non-compete agreement with your key employees.

A non-disclosure agreement as a legally binding document that stops your employees from sharing proprietary information and learned well under your employment. The name is fairly self-explanatory. They are not allowed to disclose what they learned at your company or the details of your operation. If they do so, you can take legal action against them. The effectiveness of this strategy will be between you and your lawyer, but do not underestimate the effectiveness of fear. If an employee is scared of a lawsuit yeah, it will often be all of the motivation they need to keep their mouth shut.

The second option is a non-compete agreement. this simply means that when employee leaves your company they are not allowed to compete with you. Which typically means they cannot go work for one of your competitors or even work in the same industry if the demographic would be to compete with your business.It will beat we be between you and your lawyer to learn if this is an effective strategy for your business and industry.

Again, sometimes the most powerful aspect of these documents is it creates a fear of trying to hurt your company we’re trying to compete against your company your average person does not have enough legal knowledge to know the real Quant consequences of their behavior, but they understand what the word lawsuit means. Sometimes that is sufficient to protect your plumbing marketing secrets. If nothing else, hopefully I can give you enough peace of mind to comfortably delegate to trusted employee’s and grow a successful business

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