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One of the most successful marketing strategies I ever accomplished can be easily applied to Plumbing marketing. When I first got married I began to work for Verizon Wireless. It was really a pretty great job oh, and a few short months I worked my way up to an assistant manager of the store and my local town in Ohio. it was a great experience and I learned a great deal about sales and marketing during the process. Some of these lessons I like to share with you right now.

So when you sell cell phones you may be surprised to learn that most of the money you make as a Salesman is not from the actual phones. Most of the money you make is from your add-ons. What are add-ons? These are things like cases insurance plans data packages so on and so forth. That is how you can bring in a significant Commission, actually turn a job into a career. In my store happened to be the best at this in our entire District. So what was the secret to Our Success?

Our secret was pretty simple, and a little risky, but it worked incredibly well. I did not even offer phones that did not come with cases and protection. If someone came in and ask for a free phone, I said you need to go to another store all of my phones come with a lifetime warranty and protection. so I do not sell phones cheaper than $70 this amazed people, it was simple I want some you can get a free phone and you can get the cheapest thing in the in the market and it will break in six months and you’re going to be mad at me about selling it to you even if it was free.

So I set the policy in place all of my phones come protected no exceptions. You would think that this would have scared off a lot of customers. That they would not have tolerated a higher-priced item at my store that could literally be free at any other Verizon store. But I sold more phones than anyone else. Why? because I added value. People do not mind paying for Value. Keep that in mind as you’re planning your plumbing marketing strategies. It is not always about producing the cheapest prices, but you have to talk about the benefits you can add to someone’s life . for my store I took away the inconvenience have a broken phone, and showed how I can provide the best customer service in the industry.

So as you evaluate your plumbing marketing strategies and plans, what significant value are you bringing to the marketplace? remember, you do not want to necessarily be shocked based on price. You want your customers to be loyal to you because you are the best in your industry. You don’t have to be cheaper, but you do have to be better. so it is worth the exercise of sitting down and thinking through the areas of your company in which you are truly better than your competition. highlight them and emphasize them. You will find that you do not lose customers by being the best, and that you can often have a level of loyalty that is unparalleled.

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