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In a separate article I compared effective Plumbing marketing to my ability to cell phone protection plans. this goes back to an Era when I was it manager for Verizon Wireless, and was consistently a top performer in providing data, protection, and accessories. as stated previously, I’ve already written about how I was effective at providing the protection plans and never allowed a phone to walk out my door without being protected. in fact, I was the only store in our district that had a 100% success rate and selling their protection plan.

I was so successful that the company asked me to give a presentation on my sales strategy and marketing plans for the protection plan in the plans I used in my store. But this article, is about accessories. I could make a surprising amount of money by selling a customer phone cases, batteries, car chargers, and spare house Chargers. keep in mind, set these are things that customers really did not need. Their phones are already protected by my insurance plan, so having a case was really A redundancy. every phone comes with the home charger, another redundancy. and this was during the introduction of smartphones, so most phones were still classic flip phones and could last three or four days in between charges. I’m basically responsible person rarely even needed a car charger.

So how was I one of the most successful stores in my accessory add-on ratio? I made the offer too good to refuse. I should be a good time to take a lesson from the mafia, and apply this to your own Plumbing marketing strategies. I did two key things that always caught that customers attention. One I assumed the sale. If you bought a phone from me I carried to the desk to car chargers and a case. why? Because these are the things you need to get the most out of your phone it seemed obvious to me that every customer should have two car chargers in a case.

I also gave them such an incredible deal for buying an accessory package that it was a real no-brainer. I offered a lifetime warranty on every accessory that walked out my door. If your case ripped, the clip on it broke, or your car charger stopped charging all you had to do was walk in my store and I would hand you a new one off the shelf. Additionally oh, the more you bought the more you saved. If you bought 3 accessories from me, I gave you 30 to 40% off. which set the price so low that it would not be worth making the drive back to my store a week later when your spouse got mad at you for not having bought a case in a car charger.

The biggest takeaway you can have an applied to your plumbing marketing is that you can sell anything if you present the value with confidence and you make it a no-brainer. don’t take advantage of anyone, but make it worth their time and their money take advantage of the offer you’re presenting. Clearly show the value that your offer brings to the buyer, and then make it such a damn good deal that they would be a fool to walk away from it.

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