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How important is it to stay vigilant while performing your plumbing marketing? Shouldn’t you be able to trust your employees? What is the difference between your organization and other organizations that do not require switch vigilance? Matt Redman gross jump into these details alongside of you. This is one of the most difficult conversations to have with business owners oh, but it is a very necessary conversation. So often would hear about businesses being robbed Blind by their employees. And when I talk about robbery there’s a lot of different details involved in that unique word. trust me, you are probably being robbed in some way and it’s time to hold your employees accountable.

The most common way that employees review is with their time. when I was a contractor working my way through college, we always called at milking the clock. This is when an employee who you are paying by the hour guys slow and distracted work. why wouldn’t they? You are paying them for their time not for their performance and not for what they accomplish. I remember we had a guy named Mike who was the painter. We would put him in a room and just say paint it. We would come back 30 minutes later and we could almost guarantee he was sitting on a bucket on his phone. this is a prime example of milking the clock.

Another common form of theft is in office supplies. This is the slow drip I can end up having a very costly impact on your wallet. We always call it death by a Million Cuts. when employee feels that your plumbing marketing supplies AR common, you have excess, or are dispensable you will see that the supplies are not respected, and that’s wasted. often we see this happened with little things like paper clips and pins or a ream of paper or brochures. Your employee perceives them as an inexpensive, and so take take them or destroy them without a second thought. obviously, this creates a slow bleed on your wallet

The least common but, unfortunately, not rare, set that’s when employees actually just take things. This can be large and expensive equipment, money out of the till, or even a significant level of embezzling and they have access to your financials. this is often Donovan and performed by the most trusted employees. We makes a scenario very sad. I cannot imagine a worse feeling than somebody I trust and have a great working relationship with and then find out that they have been stealing from me in a significant way. will find that as a small business employees become like family, and it hurts deeply when family abuses you.

So what is the solution? You must create ways to watch your employees. I have found that the most inexpensive and effective means of monitoring my Plumbing marketing team is with a simple camera. In today’s technological age, you can buy a wifi-based security camera for about $25. you do not have to pay hourly to do its job. It just keeps working. this creates a significant means transparency and accountability.

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