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I’m going to tell you a pretty funny story that relates the plumbing marketing. last June my wife and I moved into a brand new home. Well I should say it was new to us, the home was built 6 years ago. anyway, we move into this new house and as we are roaming around and unloading things I and looking at the bookshelf underneath our stairs. I haven’t noticed a small crack and so in investigating it further, I learned that there was a secret room under the stairs. Obviously, this was an awesome discovery and I could not wait to show my kids. Unfortunately, there is nothing Unique Treasures or any other special items in this little closet, but it was a really cool in room.

It did not take long for me and my wife to decide that this would be an amazing children’s get away. So we set out to design a fun little place Vicks for my kids. With the intention a building in their very own custom fairy closet. the only problem was, there was no electricity in this little closet, which made it fairly unsafe an undesirable for 4 year old to play. so I set out to fix the problem. In years past I spent a great deal of my time in my employment as a contractor. I’ve been blessed to have done a little bit of almost everything, and consider myself a jack of all trades.

So wiring electricity into this little fairy closet what’s going to be no problem, right? I was unfortunately very wrong. I was able to tie into the existing wiring in the wall, but the cords were not long enough Turn the process into what I thought was going to be a quick task into an all-day project. But I was determined oh, much like I am sure you are determined in your plumbing marketing strategies. so instead of a quick task, I spent all day rearranging and rewiring this entire wall of our home.

I even went as far as installing a power outlet that has an LED built into it. This way when my daughter was in there perhaps the door gets closed door light bulb Burns Out oh, she was guaranteed never to be stuck in the dark and scared. so with all the excitement I could muster and all the pride I had in my little heart I called my family into the fairy closet. with great pride I show my adoring daughters the light that I had built and installed. I showed them how that when you turn off the lights this secondary backup kicked in automatically that she would never have to be scared….. and then she said,” not that cool bro”.

So what is the moral of the story? Take the time to know your audience Haier Plumbing marketing strategies will fall on deaf ears if you are expecting them to care about the things you care about. 4 year old does not appreciate or care how hard it is to bring electricity into a wall where there was none before. however, she thought it was pretty darn cool when I painted the walls and chalkboard paint and installed light changing LEDs all over the closet that she can control with remote control. be sure to know your audience.

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