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Plumbing Marketing | Consider the Gains
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Today I’m going to talk about an event that educated my understanding that plumbing marketing. some of you may remember in my last article that I had written about meeting with a former employee of mine. as a reminder, do relationships not end well. He had a very poor set of leadership skills, was excessively lazy, and unfortunately was an excessive manipulator and liar. for refresher please go to visit the previous article, the story is a bit of doozy. that story ended with an invitation that you sent me to go out for coffee. an invitation that I accepted.

So I showed up to Starbucks at 7 a.m. yesterday morning. I had geared myself up emotionally for a super awkward conversation. not just because I know that me and this gentleman do not get along, but I could not imagine the reason for an invitation for coffee. Our Lives went separate directions more than 4 years ago, and I believe that we are probably both better off for that. but I’m a polite guy and was sincerely curious on what you can want to talk about. because of the way things ended I’m pretty confident he had no desire to speak about Plumbing marketing. and I am also confident that he was not interested in any church Consulting from our group.

So we begin our coffee with the standard awkward chit-chat catching up on the last couple years. Asking about each other as children and families. heathen awkwardly transitions to going into the reason he invited me out for coffee. Start talking about reading a Bible verse in which it speaks of being peace with people, and he said that I came to his mind. which makes a lot of sense because wrong my family terribly. what I found fascinating, is that he did not approach the conversation apologetically. You post a conversation from a surprisingly pretentious perspective. he began to ask me if I had areas in my life concerning him that lack peace.

I do respect, however, that he was willing to have an awkward conversation. When it comes to your plumbing marketing do not run away from an awkward conversation. Address the elephant in the room. concerning my coffee appointment, I did not really know how to react. I thought through the situation from 2 fairly basic points of view or potential objectives. the first being fat he had lingering guilt and needed to know that I did not Harbor issues against him. the second objective would be that I have unresolved bitterness that I would need to bring closure to in order to walk in forgiveness.

Concerning the second point of potential bitterness and unforgiveness, that is solely dependent on me. And it is a topic that I have had closure and conclusion on for years. I forgave him a long time ago, and certainly do not have any bitterness. That is not to say that I do not recognize significant flaws in character and Leadership. the same way I recognized certain flaws in my closest friends. There are things that I accept as reality without having an emotional attachment to them. My past interactions with him fit in this category. They are flaws and significant issues that I recognize, but they are part of history and reality that I am not emotionally invested in.

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