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Plumbing Marketing | Counting Parts
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Sometimes when managing your plumbing marketing oh, you will have to be the heavy. What I mean by this is that sometimes you’ll have to be the bad guy who has a simple job of ensuring that everybody does what they’re supposed to do. this can be frustrating, let’s make difficult relationships. and unfortunately can also be very boring. But it is absolutely a necessity in order to protect your company and you the assets of a company and your interests. I’ll tell you about a time but I had to also be The heavy.

I mentioned in previous articles how we have bought and sold a few airplanes back when I was motor investor. But I mean by this is I invested in distressed assets most commonly picture to the bankruptcy courts. with one of our airplane Investments, we ended up with a lot of parts that could not be turned back into a flying airplane. So, we inventory of them and begin to sell the parts just the parts. Never we use some of the parts in addition on some of our other aircraft Stout did have a hope it get it back up in the air.

Unfortunately with this particular Parts playing we had a partner who failed exercising option on it. He then tried to sue us and became a big legal issue. However, ultimately ended up being the decision was that we were needed to do an inventory of the parts involved. my company was in possession of the parts we had to arrange for then to be inventoried buy the guys suing us. as you can imagine, it was necessary to ensure that this was done under our watchful eye. Ensure that we were not being taken advantage of in any regard.

So that was my job. I was the heavy. I was the one responsible to ensure that their technicians and mechanics did not do anything outside of our predetermined agreement. this involved me sitting quietly and watching. It was wildly boring, but it was vital to ensure that our company’s interests were protected. there will be many times in your plumbing marketing implementation that you feel like you are wasting your time, but believe me, what you’re doing at this critical for the success and protection of your company.

it became even more uncomfortable as time of dawn because I had to fight a Texas for part of the inventory, which occurred and a large hanger that was unprotected from the Sun. So there I sat in the chair being baked alive washing machine discount parts, all will have to remain absolutely diligent my watch them do their jobs. It was boring, it was hot oh, but it was also extremely necessary. there’ll be aspects of Plumbing marketing that you absolutely hate, but they are absolutely necessary. Don’t forget they can always hire Redmond growth to come alongside you and some of these projects. We’re really good at this, and can help take some of the bitterness out of the parts you hate.

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