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Plumbing Marketing | From Data to Decisions
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One of the Great business truths that can be applied to Plumbing marketing is the following: management converts data into information so that Equity can make decisions. it is probably worth your time to read that again and really think through what is being said in that statement. if you can grasp the truth, you will understand the roles each part of your system, and you will be able to them convert and focus to your attentions to wear their most appropriate. A great deal of the work flow will be taking off your plate and you will be able to really flex your expertise in making your company grow.

The first aspect of the statement is obviously concerning data. You need to wrap establish avenues for data collection. That can be through Google Analytics, it can be through website traffic, it can be your sales team asking how they heard of you, it can be average cost per job, average cost per client acquisition, as you can see the list can go on for nearly eternity. But this list is vital. You have to have a route to collect the data that you need to make smart decisions in your business. There’s nothing more valuable than discovering a trend as you plan your plumbing marketing.

The next aspect is management converting the data into information. so you need good leaders who can help you point out trends. if you do not have good leadership who can think of jective Lee and start converting data into usable information for you, then there’s a lot of software that can do similar things. Most likely you will find yourself in need of a combination between the two. it is absolutely Beitel you are not the one call me through every datapoint to try to discover trends. This may be necessary at first, but you’re going to be far too busy to do this well.

The obvious next point is that Equity than gets to make a decision. That is you! As management brings you some information that points to likely Trends, then you got to make a decision of how your Plumbing marketing dollars will flow. for example, if your management comes to you and says that in the last month you have received 30% of your league through Facebook ads, but have had 0 responses to your mailers, then a smart decision would be to take your mail or budget and move it into Facebook ads. this is equity making a decision based on information that management provided.

If this is done well, you are able then to come in and focus on growing your business. You get to make real-time decisions allowing your management to then go carry them out. You are not doing the tedious task of digging through data to try and guess at your own trends. again, you may need to do this in the very beginning, but in order to scale your business you need to have management capable and trained to process this data for you.

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