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To be successful in plumbing marketing you have to sit down and truly analyze what makes your customers make a buying decision. Now this goes a little bit different direction than our previous articles in which we talk about identifying your idea on likely buyers. Defining who that clientele is and reaching out specifically to that demographic. The states that fought one step further and deciding what makes them make a buying decision. What is that thing that will push your client over the edge and convince them to pull the trigger and give you their money.

I have talked previously about my time working in the online furniture retail space. A unique and very profitable industry. We were wildly successful, and grew the company very fast. In my previous articles you old even know that I argue that we grew a little bit too fast. The CEO did not have enough time to let his character and integrity grow to match the growth of the company. Point O is not to talk about that. It is time to talk about what makes your buyers spend their money.

When I was with the furniture retailer I was the Vice President of Sales. So it was my job to get money out of my customers wallets. a job I was actually pretty good at. So depending on the manufacturer you are potentially pretty Limited on way you can communicate to your likely buyers. often a manufacturer to only have one or two pictures, and those pictures would be low-quality or in a configuration that was not the most common configuration for the customer. a good note for you as you plan your plumbing marketing, is to have lots of pictures and provide all the possible options you can for your product.

So I began to set out and Define what made my customers spend their money. After speaking with countless customers I learned that the biggest difference was the quality pictures. No more pictures of product had the better customer could Envision it in their home, in the more likely they were to buy it. so I began a picture referral program. If a customer send me pictures of furniture that they had purchased from us in their home I would mail them money. this was wildly successful. All of a sudden, my store had more pictures than any of our competition. All of a sudden customers could Envision furniture and their home because they were seeing it in other people’s real homes. this was a game changer.

What aspect of your business needs a game changer. What is the real reason your customers are spending money, what is that motivation that gets them to cross that line of prospective buyer 2 customer question mark you have to answer this question, and then you have to create a strategy that enables you to push customers over the edge. This is the most important part of market research you can do, and it will be the key to successful Plumbing marketing. because remember, if customers are not spending their money with you you are not making money.

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