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Plumbing Marketing | Employees Can Be Like Children
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Plumbing marketing and employee management I’m very similar to having children. has a red 12 rules for life by Jordan Peterson I began to make the comparison and found very complex and various similarities. Like a child who needs constant discipline and constant attention and concentrating so your employees need constant attention discipline and training. never forget that each generation is a little bit different. Perhaps when you were a child it was expected that one’s labor for a fair wage was all you could ask for. And that fair wage was enough to live by and live a comfortable life with your family. Things work a little bit different now. People no longer work for simply a fair wage, they work with their emotions as a key factor in their decision-making. The culture of your work environment is critical.

I recently heard of statistic that more than 50% of marriages end in divorce. I also heard that coincidingly, nearly 50% of children grow up in a single-parent household, or they Bounce from Mom’s house to Dad’s house without the continuity of the nuclear family that was most common in 50s. one of the Great guest services this is done to our society and the generation of today is that mentorship is in short supply. Think about it. and generations past you could have one parent working but one parent stayed home to provide you the necessary coaching and life skills to adapt to the world. Today’s generations, both parents typically work even if the household is not dealing with the consequences of a divorce. This leaves parents when they arrive home from work and take their kids back over from The Nanny or child care with such a low energy that all they want is peace and quiet.

With an exhausted mother and I’m exhausted father we just need a little bit of quiet at what time is a child going to be mentored in the realities of life?We often categorized these Millennials as being lazy and entitled but it is us who never coached them one how to cope in a difficult world. And now, as a business owner, these are your employees. They need more than a boss who just gives them a paycheck and gives them that to-do list. They need a mentor. They need someone to show them the ropes of society, the workplace, and even Plumbing marketing. Next paragraph. I understand that this is going to take more time and a great deal more critical thinking in order to do this well.

On the bright side oh, you have a unique opportunity to build a loyalty amongst your staff. A staff that loves their boss and loves their company as a staff that will do well for customers. You are not only molding and mentoring people, but you are shaping the culture of the company while simultaneously providing hope and stability to a generation.Here’s another benefit. if so few employers are mentoring their employees, it will not take long for your employees and your company to dominate The Marketplace. Your competition will not have management that is as qualified as yours because they have not been mentored.

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