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Plumbing Marketing | In the beginning
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Plumbing marketing is not God. What do I mean by that? You are likely saying yourself that is the stupidest thing I’ve ever heard. And you are right if you take the obvious point of view of considering my statement literally. Let me take you back to the beginning. To the biblical tale of Creation in which we have the story of God doing his first miraculous works. in the very beginning of Genesis we find, the very beginning. Is the story of the creation of the Earth. the thing that I want to draw your attention to hear is pretty single. God work for 6 days during the creation process oh, and then he rested.

The beauty of an effective Plumbing marketing strategy is that it never rests. it is constantly casting in net for your ideal and likely buyer. It is out there chasing clientele even when you are at home sleeping. The best way to do this is through what we call the three legged marketing stool. You should only focus on three at avenues of advertising on Aurora to grow your effective business inappropriately analyze what you are doing and what works. So what do I name by allowing your marketing strategy to constantly be working? well, we live in the digital age. The beauty of what we do in this age is that we have so much automation occurring. Do you realize that the majority of people time on their computers is on the weekends when you are also not working? You have to develop strategies that are getting in front of them while you are at home spending time with your family.

This is where an effective online presence is necessary. You have to establish things like AdWords to Target people who are searching the correct terms in Google. Have to establish a Facebook and social media presence. So that people can buy into your culture before they ever buy your product. In addition social media offers a great Avenue for Target Marketing. In Facebook alone you can build an incredibly detailed and specific Avatar to Target your ideal and likely buyers. I once mentioned a Fishing Resort in northern Minnesota and I could build an avatar targeting specifically people who had hobbies and fishing, hobbies and camping, and or incur the appropriate age and income brackets. I could be laser-focused in my strategy

I challenge you to adapt the same mentality. What can you do today that gets you customers tomorrow when you want to have time off. What are some of the Avenues in which your ideal and likely buyers are looking at things so that you can get in front of their face. Are they receiving mail on Saturday to see your ad, are they getting on their Facebook to check in on the grandkids, are they young enough to still be on Instagram and you just need to get a really cool picture in front of them. Is your ideal buyer a college student who spends 10 hours a day on YouTube and so you need to get your product in front of him in one of those short commercials? think outside of the box and develop a plumbing marketing strategy that chases your ideal client.

The most effective way to do this is to analyze who your existing buyers have been. What is the most consistent demographic that you have had traction with. Once you have that demographic call them. Do not rely on guessing, do not rely on your instincts, and do not rely on the advice of a buddy who kinda maybe sorta knew something one time. Call your customer ask them how they found you asked him what they do on their weekends asking what digital activities they spend most of their time with and figure out how to get your product in front of them during their Leisure Time. People are happy missed during Leisure, and people buy things when they are happy.

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