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Plumbing Marketing | Careful who you trust
This content was written for Redmond Growth

Who should you trust with your plumbing marketing? This is one of the most common questions asked at Redmond grow. Human resources in hiring is one of the most difficult aspects of business operations and especially a business growth. Where do we find good people? How do you know when you can trust someone? Let us walk alongside you as you work through these difficulties. And I do mean difficulties. There is no greater difficulty an obstacle between you and a fast-growing and profitable business than finding good and honest employees.

I buy me easiest solution to see if I employee is trustworthy is to Simply test them. One of my partners here at Redmond to Grove is known to commonly drop a $20 bill on the floor. And then we’ll sit back and watch them. an employee who finds the money and asks around to see if anyone dropped it, is it trustworthy employee. No Ploy you stick it in his pocket assuming that Finders Keepers is one that you need to keep an eye on because if they do not mind stealing I dropped $20 bill, they will probably not mind stealing from the company. Stealing is not always in the form of money, keep in mind, that these same employees walk-in still time and viable resources away from you and your potential clients.

I think of stories about trust, I am again remind me to tell by biblical story. you’ll have to forgive me. I often use the biblical stories as memorable teaching opportunities. You see, I grew up in the church and from a fairly young age always expected to become a pastor. I learned in study the Bible all through my life and as a young adult and became a missionary, and eventually went to college to study theology. however, as an adult oh, I learned that I can make a greater impact in the world wow showing the love of Christ turn my wallet then through my preaching. people need real help with real problems., people rarely made more advice covering abstract issues on morality philosophy. you can change someone’s life by helping them with a water bill, or giving some sound business coaching that’s sets of family up for success for Generations then you can throught explaining a moral lesson.

Back to my story. I am reminded of Samson and Delilah. have a child Samson was always one of my favorite biblical characters. He was probably the character that was closest to a superhero, and what 6 year old kid does not love to hear about a real life superhero. Samson was set apart for the purpose of defeating the Philistines. And in order to accomplish this task he was given great strength, like Incredible Hulk style super strength. Samson ended up doing one of the things that I live young and dumb men do is we married the wrong woman. He married Delilah who was a Philistine, the very people he was at war with. Now to sit with David a little bit more sent the secret to Samson’s strength was that he be set apart as a Nazarite. This meant that he never cut his hair never drink strong wine. if he ever cut his hair or drink wine, he would lose his strength. It was as simple as that. if you remain obedient you get to remain powerful.

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