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  1. Are you tired of working FOR your business instead of designing your business to work for YOU?
  2. Are you lacking confidence in your overall marketing and wished you could come up with world-class branding, brochures, and a website that really work?
  3. Would you like to create an abundance of leads, sales, and profits without having to sacrifice your most important relationships?
  4. Would you like to get a better handle on your cash flow and be able to understand and make decisions on the most important numbers in your business?
  5. Do you want to dramatically improve your time management skills while being able to accomplish your most important priorities in a timely manner?
  6. Are your employees lacking motivation and would you love to have an effective accountability system along with a clear-cut plan for hiring, training, and keeping the right employees and getting rid of the wrong employees?
  7. Would you like to learn and implement all of these powerful systems within a Biblical framework that honors God in your business and profits?
  8. Do you feel your business can be much more than what it is and want to take practical steps with an experienced guide in order to tap into greater purpose in your life through your business?
If you answered YES to ANY of these questions, it’s time schedule your insightful Business Evaluation. In less than an hour, you will look at your business with a new set of eyes and be provided 3 solid business-building action items – worth thousands – to apply right away.


STEP 1: Create a Proven Path to YOUR Successful Business

We start the process with a free business evaluation lead by Tim Redmond to evaluate where your business currently is, versus where you need it to be. After this evaluation, Tim Redmond and his team work together to create you a personalized proven path (business plan) to build your successful business.

STEP 2: Implement Systems to Make Your Business Highly Profitable & Less Reliant on You

Tim and his team works with you to create an efficient, systems reliant business that is highly profitable, and less reliant on you. From discovering what sets you apart from your competitors, to branding, marketing, sales, hiring, accounting, and operations, we help you create a systems driven business, in every part of your business.

STEP 3: Make Your Business Better Each Week

Tim and his team will meet with you on a weekly basis, whether by phone or in person, to tackle the challenges that come up as a natural result of growth. The weekly meeting also keeps you focused on the most important tasks to grow your business.

“As a Christian Business Coach, my team and I offer super effective coaching systems that are based on Biblically-based principles that have worked for countless business owners I’ve trained and coached all over the world. Though we work with all kinds of businesses in all kinds of industries with all kinds of beliefs, we love helping fellow Christians fulfill their assignments and do so with practical, proven systems. If you want to have a brief, initial highly valuable and insightful meeting with a Master Implementer, an experienced, proven Christian Business Coach, and someone who will meet and exceed your expectations, contact me (Tim Redmond) now!”
Tim Redmond
“Everyone needs a coach.”
Bill Gates
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“Ideas are easy. Implementation is hard.”
Guy Kawasaki
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Top 5 Troubles Plumbers Face With Plumber Marketing Services

#1 – Too Many Charlatans, No Real Results

Have you found that the plumber marketing companies you’ve worked with in the past have been insanely ineffective? Or that their efforts provide no tangible fruit to the growth of your business? We have found too many times, working with business owners, that they are coming to us wounded by other charlatans stealing their hard-earned money and giving nothing in return. They are forever doubtful about any firm that comes to them with actual results!

#2 No Time, My Business Keeps Me Too Busy for Marketing

Do you find even thinking about plumber marketing and advertising is a pain and you’d rather deal with other problems in your business? Most business owners follow the same philosophy even though most are managing these marketing and advertising roles themselves!

Street Fight’s research on small business owners found out that among business owners that either do their marketing themselves, delegate it to an internal team, or outsource it to an agency, the owners who do their marketing themselves are the least satisfied with their results (Forbes, Oct 2017).” Your marketing plumbing may be suffering as a result.

#3 Too Many Distractions and Burning Fires

Do the needs and burning fires of the business keep you from establishing any sanity over your life? Do these “got-a-minute” moments and “quick question” phone calls turn into hour-long controversies that destroy any productivity you had in the day? We know that this happens too often to business owners who are trying to be proactive in the business. Yet, it’s extremely important that business owners take time in their schedule to work ON the business instead of just IN it. Anything can set us astray from our goals, even an idle smartphone…let alone one that receives push notifications all day, everyday.

#4 Low Confidence in Marketing & Advertising

Based on the simple fact that 9 out of 10 business startups fail in the first five years of business, it would be smart for you to question the efforts of plumber marketing & advertising companies talking about “rapidly growing your business.” In fact, have you worked previously with other firms and found that their lack of consistency and professionalism totally turned you away from these companies all together? This is an unfortunate blockade that we are forced to go through everyday with our prospective clients looking to work with us.

#5 Too Complicated, Too Hard to Understand

Last, but not least, do you find that any sort of plumber marketing you’d like to explore just becomes insanely complicated? If and when you turn to a marketing firm, do you also find they really don’t take the time to make sure you fully understand why their efforts in plumber marketing will actually make your sales and bottomline increase? It really frustrates us because there are so many resources proclaiming to “demystify” the steps to growing a business, and yet so many business owners we talk to have no idea about how SEO works, how insanely important reviews are, and why it doesn’t make sense to read resumes.

Who is Tim Redmond? What is Redmond Growth?

I’m Tim Redmond and I’ve been blessed to work with over a hundred entrepreneurs and business owners to help them generate revenues they never imagined for their business, or at least never knew how to attain. With our system, that’s been shown to work for fourteen of our own multi-million dollar businesses, including my 1st business (Tax & Accounting Software Corporation) that was sold to Intuit for $63 million, you’ll also be able to realize the time freedom you always wanted when originally starting your business. To find out whether you’re a great fit to work with us and expedite your business growth, it’s as simple as giving me a call at (918) 298-7766 – yes, that’s my cellphone – or filling out a form here to schedule your FREE 13-point business assessment!”

Key testimonials from other plumbers and HOT stats from those clients. Just take a look at a few video reviews and awesome statistics of growth from satisfied clients in the plumbing industry and other industries across the nation!

Quick Relief Plumbing

Green Lion Plumbing

One Way Plumbing

Spot On Plumbing

C&R Contracting

What If You Aren’t a Plumber? 

What we’ve found to be true is that while other industries and businesses may have their subtle differences, the same principles can translated to any business. Whether it’s a primary care physician, a major California apartment construction company, or a thriving electrical service company, we have the expertise to take your business to whatever goals you have. Just read the 300+ 5-star Google reviews found on our business listing or view our case studies page to see all the companies we’ve worked with!

Case Studies

Redmond Growth Google Reviews

We Do So Much More Than Plumber Marketing!

While you found us by looking at the best options for plumber marketing services, we fulfill many more areas of concern for the typical business owner. We’re like the swiss army knife of business growth or consulting firms.

You need to develop a Google-compatible website that follows their canonical rules? We’ve got that covered.

You need to reshape your hiring system that is either non-existent or needs to be adjusted to save you several hours every week? That’s also been a huge breakthrough for many of our clients.

Need help taking all of that expert detail out of your head and document your processes so you can easily train your people to be just as good (if not better) than you!? Yes, we do this too!

Looking to take your sales processes to the next level and see where you’re missing the mark on converting more than half of all your prospects into paying customers? We have a 10-step sales system that works for just about any business that follow best-practices.  Your marketing plumbing numbers will move up to the next level as a result.

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The Deep Dive Into 7 Key Spots Business Owners Can Fix This Year

Every business owner has somewhere they can improve their skills and their acumine to enhance various capabilities (such as the efficiency of their plumber marketing) in leading the business forward. No matter what stage you are at, this is true. At Redmond Growth, our free hour-long business assessment takes a DEEP DIVE into the 13 core areas of your business that we’ve found to be the same principles in every business, no matter what industry. In a fully-developed organization, all these qualities may already be covered.

They already have systems for hiring, plumber marketing tools, closing deals and recording sales calls. The problem is that numerous organizations can easily drift and become lazy in utilizing the full attributes of their team.

You, as a business owner, may be on the complete other side of the spectrum. You are looking dreamy-eyed at what your business could be, yet you would love to just be instructed on the specific moves to get you there. How can you consistently generate revenue for yourself? How can your plumber marketing and advertising become a turnkey operation? Once you’re there, how do you not go crazy with all this activity to keep your mind focused on the core tasks to grow your business? Well let’s walk through just seven key areas that you can attack this year that will significant increase the revenues to your bottomline and the effectiveness of your work.

Reviving Up Constant Work!

Starting up the business for yourself is a very scrappy endeavor. For Tim Redmond and Tax & Accounting Software Corporation, he started with his partner and two other guys in a small condominium in East Tulsa. I should mention that there was no AC included too. So it’s four, sweaty guys in the Tulsa heat, sending out direct mailers, calling people endlessly, and figuring how the heck their business can thrive. Before we even get into any areas for growth, development or plumber marketing, we have to first make sure that you are totally serious about doing whatever it has to freakin’ take to grow this thing. This means years of insane, hard work with no praises…until you reach those goals you set forth to accomplish. If you aren’t willing to put in the work, the system will not work for you.

Fortunately, we usually begin talking with business owners and their capabilities with plumber marketing tools once they’ve been frustrated by their lack of growth for several years. They likely have been in business for at least a couple years and many times, more than a decade! One of the first area we ask about is, “What does your digital presence say about the value of your company?”

Too many contractors are slow to pick up on the value of making sure anywhere a prospect will search for you, you shine out above your competitors. The fact alone that 97% of customers searched online for businesses proves the point. How does a business realistically utilize plumber marketing tools to show up on search engines?

The first variable is Google reviews and reviews everywhere – this is a key marketing plumber action. Two key stats that should change your perspective on generating free leads for your business through reviews is that “90% of consumers read online reviews before visiting a business & 84% of people trust online reviews as much as a personal recommendation (Forbes).” And if Google is by far the top search engine used to find information, it makes sense that Google would prioritize reviews on their own platform.

In fact, we’ve found Google reviews to be one of the most powerful avenues for ranking on Google and establishing authority against competitors. So you may look crazy asking everyone you know and have ever worked with to leave you reviews, (and then even crazier when you come back and repeatedly ask them until they actually do), but you’ll come out on top and we know, based on our experience, that the calls RAIN IN once you completely dominate everyone.

The second area that you’re able to revitalize work into your business is to promote the heck out of a pivotal plumber marketing tool, a great no-brainer offer. Let’s paint a picture real quick for two different plumbing companies. You are a customer that needs some sort of plumbing fixed. These companies both quickly called you back in the same hour.

They both sounded friendly over the phone and had a similar experience interacting with you. One company gives you a free estimate to come out to your place, a typical offer with plumbing companies. The other company though offers you a deal for $100 off your first service call. Which guys would you book an appointment with? There needs to be a hook with every ideal and likely buyer to say, “Oh wow, why wouldn’t I say no to them?” The no-brainer offer gets them in the door so you can at least have a conversation and sell them on why you’re awesome.

Through these two moves and an aggressive, diligent ambition toward your goals, you will generate more business for yourself.

Explore Profitable Enhancements!

Hold on though…what if you start to generate all this work for yourself and yet, you find yourself with little to show for it at the end of the week or month? By that I mean, how are you actually profiting on the work you do? Many times, we’ll talk with a contractor about our plumber marketing tactics, but realize that their biggest limiting factor is just generating more money from their work. So naturally, we will oftentimes instruct the client to raise their prices by 20%. This is the quickest way to start generating wins in the business. BUT, in order to help clients investigate the best course of action and determine whether this is a viable solution, we’ll ask them six simple questions:

  1. Do people complain about prices all the time with you? If you are generating estimates via successful plumber marketer moves and closing deals without a sweat, then it’s likely time for you to raise prices. Customers are identifying you as such a trustworthy, valuable commodity that really, price is a very little factor in deciding to work with you. Therefore, you have flexibility to justify granting more profits for yourself and your work.
  2. What are your competitors charging? You, as a business owner and savvy plumber marketing aficionado, likely know others in your same line of business. What are they charging for their work? Oftentimes, we’ll instruct business owners to mystery shop their competitors to investigate what they price themselves as. Then after that, their eyes practically pop out of their sockets seeing that their competitors’ prices are DOUBLE what they charge. Are they significantly better than them at plumbing? 9 times out of 10, probably not! So stop working as a charity or non-profit and get yourself into a profitable business!
  3. Are you covering the costs of your business? Seems like a pretty basic question, but it’s worth bringing up. A key quote that we say with our clients is that “the business exists to serve you.” This is the difference between people who are controlled by their business and people who OWN their business. You determine what you need to price yourself at to get to your goals and sell, sell, sell!!
  4. Furthermore, are you making at a minimum 20% profit on your work? Just because you are surviving and crazy busy with your business doesn’t mean you’re thriving. Having a smaller clientele base with higher profits is often a more favorable approach. There’s no sense in you following the Walmart strategy.
  5. On that note, are you crazy busy and booked consistently with work? If you take calls for work and tell these new prospects that it’ll be two weeks before anyone can come work with your plumbing issue, you should probably raise your prices. That also means your plumber marketing is working excellently though so good job!
  6. Have you not changed your prices in several years? Naturally, things become more expenses over time. Just check this inflation rate tool! So if you haven’t raised your prices in the past several years, then it’s about time you get back in line with our economy.

Now, what if you can’t raise your prices? Then the BIG question to ask yourself is frankly…why not? Is your service not valuable enough to justify the high earnings? Do you need to really amplify the reviews, testimonials, and videos about how awesome you are to justify asking for the prices you need? Do you need help figuring out how you stand out in the crowded field of marketing plumbers? If you can’t earn at least 20% or more from your work, then you won’t be operating a healthy, thriving business.

Digging Deep Into Sales!

Now once the engine continues to chug along with your plumber marketing efforts, the phone will ring more and more. YES! Here’s a deep thought though…what are you doing to make sure and convince every one of your ideal and likely buyers to work with you instead of anyone else? I mean really, what makes you stand out?

This is a PIVOTAL area of concentration that we focus on with our clients. If you aren’t able to really identify why you are significantly better than your competition, then how are you going to dominate? How will you win in the game of business? How will you effectively utilize our plumber marketing work? This is why we brought the no-brainer concept a few paragraphs ago!

The author that really sheds this to light is Seth Godin. He wrote the New York Times bestselling book, Purple Cow. The main story that highlights the whole theme of the book captures his travels out in the countrysides of Europe. He saw vast fields of thousands of cows grazing in the pastures. He was amazed by this because these pastures rarely exist out in America.

After a few minutes though, life goes on and he makes nothing of this phenomenon. He fantasizes though and asks an odd, but captivating question, “What if there was a purple cow in the midst of all these brown cows? Now that would be remarkable.” The business landscape is similar to this illustration. Whenever we create plumber marketer strategies for businesses, we have to dig deep into figuring out how they stand out! Because guess out, “In a crowded marketplace, fitting in is failing. In a busy marketplace, not standing out is the same as being invisible.” – Seth Godin

Are you doing everything you can to make sure your customer says yes to you? Do you utilize scripts to make sure your team isn’t being creative every time someone calls in for service? Do you enforce the script so they don’t react emotionally with every call and literally lose money for the business? Do you have calls recorded to make sure the quality is always there with your interaction? The top companies in the world do this! How do you think they get to where they are and STAY at the top? Also, do you send email/text confirmations and reminders for each plumber marketing appointment? Does it include tons of testimonials, reviews and videos about your service? This is just tipping the iceberg on all the steps you can take to make sure your plumbing marketing is actually fruitful and your sales system is a well-oiled machine!

Managing the Daily Schedule!

Now we had discussed earlier that the business owner OWNS the business, rather than the other way around. As the work gets crazier and crazier with the successful implementation of your plumber marketing work, you may begin to wonder whether this is a non-fiction term. Many business owners assume this is the case because no one has been educated on how to manage their time effectively. Furthermore, for whatever reason, we have a hard time saying no.

This is one of the magical moments where Steve Jobs shines. He was a master at saying no because, as he puts it, “People think focus means saying yes to the thing you’ve got to focus on. But that’s not what it means at all. It means saying no to the hundred other good ideas that there are. You have to pick carefully. I’m actually as proud of the things we haven’t done as the things I have done. Innovation is saying no to 1,000 things.”

“Okay well that sounds great and all, but I gotta run to this next job and this next burning fire and holy crap it’s 11pm at night and I haven’t had a family dinner in two months.” Yeah…this is what happens when you let the business control your livelihood. Now are there years of sacrifice as you scale up the business? Absolutely! This cannot get in the way of what matters most to your life though.

The business is simply a vehicle to get you to your goals of time freedom and financial freedom. This is one area that we often walk business owners through. We force them to sit down and fully figure out, “Hey, why the heck did you even start a business for yourself? What specific goals are you trying to attain with this business?” We wouldn’t want to work and implement plumber marketing tools for a business owner that has no sense of direction for their life.

Then once these goals are figured out, you need to proactively create a schedule that correlates with these goals. This means you gotta use a calendar daily. The scary part is that most contractors I dare say, don’t use a calendar ever to keep things on track. They rely solely on memory and then their brain is “shockingly” fried everyday from everything their trying to remember. Put all of your appointments and critical, daily action items on a calendar and document them on a to-do list! You cannot be success in your business and sustain a great livelihood without this! In order to grow your business in the long-run, there are daily or weekly activities that you have to do, which include:

  1. Gathering Google reviews every day/every week
  2. Adding content to your website for SEO optimization
  3. Managing a system for finding and hiring quality people into the business
  4. Review key performance indicators (daily goals) from your team members & keeping them accountable to them
  5. Making sales calls and keeping prospects moving in the pipeline

The key tool we ensure that business owners eventually implement is a daily HOUR OF POWER. This is a time where as E-Myth puts it, “The difference between great people and everyone else is that great people create their lives actively, while everyone else is created by their lives, passively waiting to see where life takes them next. The difference between the two is living fully and just existing.” So we show clients our format for executing your first hour of the day to plan the day’s activities and proactively think about future action items/objectives to the sustained growth of your business.

None of these steps involving calendar scheduling, time blocking priorities, focusing on your daily, revenue-producing activities, and instituting an hour of power makes sense if you don’t honor what you commit it. The very downfall of every dreamer and “visionary” is the result of never learning how to discipline yourself to what needs to happen. We can talk all day long about where we want to be and implementing our plumbing marketing tactics, but we HAVE to take action. Sadly, this is often when we say goodbye to working with “motivated” or “really excited” clients. Emotions fail, but persistence scales.

Opening Avenues for Quality Help!

At some point, you will have to find quality people to grow your organization. Unless you want to go through the solo entrepreneur route and make a career working for yourself, there are very rare cases where you get to be a multi-million dollar business all by your little self. We hear from contractors all day, everyday about how “this generation doesn’t want to work hard anymore.” It’s the biggest complaint that we hear from every single business owner trying to generate more work through our plumber marketing.

Unfortunately, we understand that based on the facts, the majority of people that will look to join your company are NOT good fits. There are numerous statistics that validate this below (and it’s just scratching the surface)!

  1. According to a Gallup poll in 2017, they reported that 85% of workers hate their jobs.
  2. On top of that, Gallup illustrates that 70% of workers are disengaged while their at work…meaning they aren’t spend their full time and energy actually working!
  3. During the interview process, it’s also been found that 85% of job applicants lie on their resumes.
  4. Furthermore, once these applicants continue to a sit down interview, 81% are lying during the job interview!
  5. Last and certainly not least, the US Chamber of Commerce reports that 75% of employees are repeatedly stealing from their workplace.

So yes, most of the applicants you look at will not be good fits. This is especially true when you look for the numerous qualities of what it takes to actually be an A player. So what are business owners suppose to do? You certainly don’t want to screw up all the money you’re spending on plumbing marketing tools to go and waste it with terrible work. On top of that, you, as a business owner, certainly can’t spend all day interviewing people that won’t be great fits. You have a business to run! So for business owners, we walk them through a best practice system for hiring and finding quality people that saves them several hours each week, when executed correctly. Here are just a few nuggets of knowledge though that you can apply right now!

  1. Stop reading resumes. There are articles out there about investigating or finding hints of “common lies” on resumes. We definitely prioritize that we need to hire for character and then train skill later on. So even if someone isn’t super experienced, it’s much better than an uncoachable, untrainable “know-it-all.”
  2. And since you’ve stopped reading resumes, stop doing one-on-one interviews. Instead, execute a group interview that happens one time, every single week. This should free you up tremendously because now, you have a singular time where you look at people who want to work for you. From there, you can investigate at one time everyone who would like to work and see who the good fits are.
  3. Don’t just hire someone straight after the first interview. Many times, the hiring prospects get started working at the company and realize to themselves, “Holy crap…I hate doing this job.” So when you think someone looks like a good fit, have them shadow you fulfilling your work!
  4. Don’t fill up your calendar with a bunch of hiring nonsense. At the max, you should spend 2 hours per week finding quality people. With our system, this is very possible and happens every single time.

Nailing Down Productivity and Accountability!

So we’ve discussed lots of fun systems and processes for scaling out your plumber marketing capabilities. With all of these plates spinning, you’ve hired others to fulfill a multitude of positions in your company. Now it’s time to tighten up all of your processes and systems. In the beginning when we work with clients, many of these plumber marketing tools are brand new to them or have never worked for them in the past.

So they see dramatic growth in the first few months of using our plumber marketing work. At some point though, there comes a “plateau” of sorts. You just let the systems work for you and make sure everything is running smoothly. The only real way to make sure that all your plumber marketing systems actually get executed is by checklists and documenting everything!

The next biggest question to identify is where you’re currently at after all this growth. This involves constant tracking the progress you’ve made. How many leads come in each week? Where are they coming from? Are we always reaching our number of calls and appointments that we’ve set? Okay, if not, what do we need to change to make sure we hit those goals? Or if we’re easily making these goals, do we need to take our goals to a whole new level? The objective here is that you improve the business by simply 2% each week.

In order to improve a team though, you have to keep them accountable. Too often, this is why business owners reach a plateau in their growth. They just can’t seem to have tough conversations or create a work environment that someone actually wants to work in. Business owners win or lose in the game of business by their willingness to have tough love with who they employ. Someone half as smart and half as beautiful as you is likely dominating in the game of business because they’re getting aggressive with their plumber marketing, willing to tell people no or fire people or lovingly correct people in their work.

With the plumber marketing tools you use and with anything your business does, it’s also important to always ask, “could this be less expensive?” Every couple years of so, it’s always a move to go to your suppliers or your vendors to ask for a renegotiation of prices. Maybe nothing changes, but there may be thousands of dollars that are saved by simply asking.

This is also why we heavily stress that once the business starts to make money, we investigate the monthly income and expenses to determine any unnecessary costs. There are oftentimes, hidden costs that the business owner has been unaware of. Sadly, business owners also find people embezzling money or doing shady practices in their business. The only way these business owners have been able figure this out is by sitting down and investigating the details, which is why 9 out of 10 businesses fail. No one likes doing that.

Delegation to Create Time Freedom!

Time freedom and financial freedom are the huge goals that every business owner looks to eventually accomplish through our plumber marketing expertise. There are a variety of reasons for why someone would be motivated to start their own venture. They may have been under the worst boss ever and said, “Screw you man! I’m doing my own thing!” They may have found an opportunity in the market to take advantage of. They may have just wanted to lead something for themselves or have some deep cause reason for their business. Whatever the case, all these reasons boil down to having time freedom to do what you want to do and the financial freedom to no longer worry about finances.

In order to do this, you’ll inevitably make less money for the more work your business does. How does that factor into more time freedom and financial freedom? At some point you’ll have a revelation that time is the more valuable commodity than actual money. So if you run a haircut business and only make $2 per haircut for yourself, that would be terrible if you were doing all the haircuts. Would it be so bad you did no work at all to make it happen? Probably not! This is why delegation of key responsibilities is so important and why documenting all that you do helps grant you that time freedom.

If you’re a business owner who wants to know how to dominate in your area and what the specific plumber marketer tools are to excel in your area, then you have to sign up for one of our free hour-long business assessments to discover for yourself these specific plumber marketing tools today. It’s literally us spending time with your business for free, to instruct you on how to specifically apply some of the first areas of concern to grow your business. Don’t trust us?

We have worked with hundreds of clients in the past with a large majority of them taking away nuggets of knowledge and tangible dollars. We have hundreds of 5-star reviews on our business listing from business owners and friends that think the world of us. We have numerous testimonial videos from real business owners to validate our work. When clients go all in for working with Redmond Growth, they will undoubtedly see tangible results with their plumber marketing and see many other areas of their business shine as well.

Schedule your free business assessment today!