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This content was written for Redmond Growth.

Have you worked with other plumber marketing agencies in the past and have found it extremely difficult and annoying to figure out what it takes to grow your business? Are there turnaround times insanely long and they operate on vague deadlines with their plumber marketing goals? Is it important for you to actually work with an organization who operates on very clear deadlines and timelines to accomplish your plumber marketing tasks? Then by golly it’s time for you to work with a company like Redmond growth today. They are an organization with sophisticated results and values in order to get after it with your goals. By working in this organization, you’ll begin to manage some key insights and developments going forward that will be of tremendous value and expertise for you. That’s why working with us going to be a great deal and that’s why you should get set up on a first hour-long appointment with Tim Redmond.

Now taking an hour out of your business to talk with somebody you never met may sound like a total waste of your time. But please hear me out, this guy is no joke and you love talking with them. Tim Redman is a dude who has been able to grow his company from just himself and another guy to a full staff of over 350 people. At one time he was occupying about five or six floors on a giant skyscraper in Tulsa. That’s quite the accomplishment and could you even imagine getting your business to be that big? You likely don’t even want your business to be that big, but you still want to get to some beer heights with your business since you actually get some financial freedom and time freedom. That’s why working with Redmond growth is such a helpful thing and why so many people really appreciate this work.

By working with Redmond growth, you’ll be able to fix it yourself on your biggest limiting factors going forward. And throughout our relationship with our business owners, that’s all that matters to us is drilling down to your biggest limiting factors. By really solidifying what it takes to grow this thing to be a beast in your area, you’ll deftly find some great fortune and great expertise in this endeavor. So for all the BS and all the shenanigans around your area, support to work with an organization that’s there to help you get you to realistic accomplishments.

Now the key ingredient for us to be able to do this is you have meetings every single week that last an hour.  These meetings are very action and are all about teaching your business to the next level. If you ever leave the meeting and there aren’t proactive action items for you to get after, then something happened to the meeting and there is likely a mistake. fortunately for you, you can work with an organization like Redmond growth in order to get after it finds fantastic resources today. so if you’re looking for some of those dramatic results to take place in your business, and stop killing time and work with a company like Redmond growth today.

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