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Plumber Marketing | On the Way Home
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Your day of plumber marketing is complete and you’re on your way home.For example today’s commute I’m tired, and I’m frustrated, and I am extremely exhausted. To make matters worse I just had a guy passed me like a maniac on the road but it is very important do not allow these frustrations to either make their way into your office and in the morning, or make them make their way to your family in the evening. Leave it all behind. this is a great time to stop focusing on your plumber marketing, and to start focusing on your peace. I know several leaders who consistently have a 10-minute calming. In their car. What I mean by this is that when they get home from a long day of work, they will sit in their driveway in their car and calm down. They turned off their phones, they stopped looking at their to-do list, and they use this time can shut down the worker part of their mind and become very proactive on the family part of their lives.

The next part of my day is always the commute to home. Again, this is my opportunity do not be distracted. Austin it is spent doing the similar things as my way to work. That’s early morning commute. I commonly will listen to audiobooks, write SEO articles, or play other miscellaneous things to take care of. Really, is also a really good time to take care of my personal business sayings. What I mean by this, is things that are not spent doing fun with my family, but things that I have to do in order for my life to run well. These things include running through the bank, paying a couple bills, going to the post office, or even running through Walmart to ensure my wife has enough groceries to cook us dinner.

The best part of my day is always time with my family. This is a delete the absolute best part of my day. I have an incredibly beautiful and kind wife, and 2 gorgeous little girls oh, and one wonderfully sweet and precious Foster daughter waiting for me at home. There is no greater Joy than opening our door and having Aldi’s little precious things in my life squeal for joy and run to me for their daily hugs as they download their plans for me. These plans are typically more exhausting than work, but I always manage to find enough energy for them as they are truly the highlight of my day in my life. Plumber marketing is nice, but it is not a highlight.

These things include wrestling piggyback rides, drawing, and my favorite of just sitting on the couch watching a movie and cuddle. That is not only the best part of my life but it is my most clearly define life goal. I am desperate to be a good father and a good husband family is such as critical to my happiness, being good at this, is critical to my family’s future happiness.

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