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Plumber Marketing | Bedtime Routine
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I want to tell you a story that will help you with your plumber marketing. Every evening around 6 my husband comes home from work. You know Daddy is home when the squeals of little girls come bursting through the living room. I’m not sure how, but they are all Daddy’s Girls. My husband puts down his work bag takes off his suit jacket and starts covering them in hugs kisses and it quickly turns into a wrestling match.

While he plays with the girls I make dinner. I love that they love each other so much and that they can Bond. and I equally love that I get sometime without children under my feet to make a good meal for my family.

When dinner’s ready we all sit around the table and talk about our days. My husband goes around to each child and ask them about the best and worst part of their days. The girls love this part and it helps him to be filled in on how the day has gone. It’s been a great tool and helping us to be grateful for the good things and learn from the bad things. Help us separate the bad from the good with our plumber marketing techniques.

After dinner the girls clean up their toys and read some books with their dad. Meanwhile, I clean up the kitchen, get the dishes done, wipe down the counters, sweep the floors and have the kitchen reset for the next day.

Around 7:30 we start the bedtime routine. all three of the girls go in to brush their teeth, go potty, and then they get their jammies on. The two oldest girls get gummy vitamins in the shape of teddy bears. And they don’t ever let us forget that they are due for their gummies. The littlest one wants to partake but she’s not old enough yet. However we found her munching down the bottle a few nights ago, luckily she was okay and there wasn’t anything unsafe from her eating that many dummy.

Deborah, Jimmy’s Iran, gummies are eating, the girls and their dad sit down on the couch and each child takes turns picking out a book for him to read. I usually sit close and relax and listen to their Giggles as he reads and funny voices. After the fun books he reads stories out of the Bible. The girls are really soaking up everything but he is teaching them about God’s word.

After the books are read we part ways he takes the two big girls to their room text a man turns off the light prays over them and says goodnight. I on the other hand, take the littlest one and we go into her room rocking her rocking chair sing a couple songs and she falls asleep in my arms.

The day is done, we say good night, and Mommy turns off the light. sleep is oh so sweet. sweeten up your business dealings with our plumber marketing toolkit.

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