Plumber Marketing | Risk it, Get Biscuit

Plumber Marketing | Owners take Risk
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Plumber Maketing is about colllecting paychecks.I just had to show up every day and collect a paycheck, and that was all. I don’t forget that that paycheck I collected was signed by the guy who risked everything. Whether I was able to technically do the job more efficiently better, the real reward and the income the owners deserves is not from their work they produced but the risks they take, and their tenacity that is unique enough they let them see success. The same is true and some of marketing. He requires a tenacity that many workers just so don’t seem to have.

They don’t have enough skin in the game to be passionate enough about seeing its success. That is what you is the owner have to be the guy that spearheads these projects. You were the guy that has the final say, because you were the guy whose life is on the line oh, and is reliant on the success of your company. Remember because you have more at risk, then more to lose, you are going to do things that are little bit more uncomfortable with your plumber marketing then most of your employees are. For example, and owner is more likely to pick up a phone book and start cold calling clients, or people business. This is typically very frustrating and humiliating work. However, because is your name and wallet on the line, you are willing to do the hard stuff to see success.

Your average employee we’ll have to do it. He’s not willing to lean into what is uncomfortable oh, and if he’s asked to do too many things that make him uncomfortable or that are frustrating. There’s a very good chance that he’s going to begin looking for another job. This is what it means to be a business owner. It is a guy who leans into the trouble and the drama and the fire and tries to pull revenue out of those areas where other people are not willing to go. you have to have that same mentality when it comes to your plumber marketing. you have to go where no one else wants to go in order to find revenue.

Which, it’s kind of a reality for a lot of plumbers. Remember how about a significant part of the plumber job is dealing with other people’s crap. And I do mean this literally. Me as a homeowner oh, does not want to get me deep and feces while I stumble around trying to figure out how to do something. I would much rather pay someone else who already knows what they’re doing oh, it is competence, and able to get the job done. and then I’m going to pay that guy at a premium because he has to crawl around in my feces. How many times is a girl’s job, that’s why I can be very profitable.

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