Plumber Marketing | Revenue is Important

Plumber Marketing | Focus on Revenue
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Just a little bit deeper into some plumber marketing strategies. There are many things that you can be doing in your business that will see exponential growth for you and your team. And while we’re talking about exponential growth we’re going to be focusing on getting your wallet. That’s right, the whole goal of you owning a business has to serve you, serve that wallet of yours. It is so critically important to keep that in mind. it is noble and great to be serving employee and serving our customers.

The more employees you have the better impact you’re making on your community and your having a real impact on people’s lives. There is a very true reality that people need jobs, and if you’re the god providing them, then you are a good guy. On that very topic I strongly suggest being one of those guys that provides a good livable wage. I also am one of those guys that encourages you to provide a good lasting service. Customers need good one, there’s a whole world of charlatans out there oh, and you do not want to be mentioned in the same conversation as those guys.

The quad if you’re working to be outstanding. And that is very realistically the first step of a successful plumber marketing. it’s like the quality of your work build you up a connection. And then when I talk about how to convert that reputation into referrals, and then into red revenue. and I’m very passionate about that revenue. Remember, the whole goal of you working as hard as you work, and sacrificing how much you’ve sacrificed, and your family have a walk through that with you, is for the goal of you producing a very comfortable life for them. But honestly, but it’s hard as you were probably working, you deserve more than comfortable.

If you were working 60 – 80 hours a week on your business, and you’re the one taking all the risk, it is perfectly reasonable, and justifiable for you not just to have your needs provided for. It is my goal to have you living with a little bit of luxury as well. Because remember, you have earned it. The guy who takes the risk is a guy who has earned and deserves the reward. so often I hear complaints from employees I think if they feel they could do the job better than the owners. and honestly tell him that may very well be true.

I know that I’ve had several jobs where I could do the job better than the owner did, and he made a whole lot more money than I ever did. But the biggest difference Is that the owner took the risk. He’s the one who put his life on the line to pursue a dream. It was his finances his credit his reputation that’s he had to leverage in order to have a success. As the employee all I ever had to give up was really nothing.

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