Plumber Marketing | There’s No Need to be a One-Man Show

Plumber Marketing | Don’t Die on a Hill of Loneliness

This content was written for Redmond Growth.

Are you having trouble comprehending what it takes to be able to grow this business to the next level and get it to fantastic results? Are you wondering about how to implement some great plumber marketing indeed your life and your business? Do you see those top guys out there in the plumbing industry and just shake your head and think man why can it be up there with them? Then it’s time for you to get in touch with a great employee like Redmond growth.

One of the first steps to be able to know that you are working with a high quality company today is to focus on scheduling a time with Tim Redmond. His guidance in his points of implementation really do make a huge difference going forward. You begin to discover that what he does in his business really does make a difference and that we also practiced preach. Good to hear stories of different testimonials and different business owners we worked with that implementing these very things in their business. There are tons of business owners out there who are looking for a guided resource and a great staple of success. That’s why working with an organization like Redmond growth has found to be a great point of emphasis for time the business owners.

For instance we praise a company like Lakeshore plumbing over in Oklahoma City. They have seen tremendous results working with us in in just a year of their time, they have multiple techs out there doing plumbing work and the guy is able to take vacation trips and still make money from his business. He sent us this awesome text when he went out and did a vacation during Thanksgiving and it just made our hearts super happy. We know the systems work and they are deathly bona fide to do great. And no matter who you’re gonna work with from the team, you get these guided results and moments of assistance with your business.

Yes that’s right, you will not be working solely with Tim Redmond. While he would love to work with you and walk you through these various steps, tons of people have Artie signed up to work with this guy and he just is never enough space in his calendar to accommodate. So what he’s been able to do his work with organizations and teammates to be able to train them up to be just as good as he is. We have daily meetings in the middle of the day to make sure were on top of our different action items mentioned were doing everything well. And then as well, we hold true to certain key performance indicators and follow best practice documents about our processes. We practice what we preach and that’s why you should work with today.

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