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Plumber Marketing | Morning Commute
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In Plumber marketing you often find yourself traveling. Now we’re dealing with the commute. German commute would be the ideal time, if I ran a plumbing company, to work on my plumber Marketing. for most Americans This is a step in the day where you have 20 to 30 minutes a fairly uninterrupted piece this is time and a time to get things done that is not typically good uses of your time because you are constantly being interrupted by the demands of the day. There’s nothing worse than being halfway through project, or a creative process a dialed in and focused and then you immediately get interrupted by call or co-worker work you need to learn how to make your commute your Sanctuary.

For some people this is a time for education. work your way through a lot of audiobooks and of course of a year if you devote to your commuting time to learning. If your commute is 30 minutes each way that is an hour a day. Your average audiobook is between 8 and 12 hours long, so you can literally burn through these educational books that you’ve been wanting to read in a week or two just by adding audiobooks to your morning commute.

Personally this is my strategy. I love to use this morning time exactly that I am currently working my way through winning by Jack Welch the legendary CEO of a GE company. But it’s not uncommon for me to be listening to think Grow Rich by Napoleon Hill, or even listening to 12 simple rules by Jordan Peterson. I have found that is by far the easiest way for me to stay at the top of my game and intellectually challenged. This morning reading time is credible, and I truly believe that it will pay dividends later in your career. Remember kind of wisdom and knowledge that is gained by reading the successful people who gone before us it’s Priceless. Why would we start from scratch? Believe me when I say it is better to start reaching for the Stars if you can stand on the shoulders of giants

Second strategy to-do list for the day. Is that sometimes I will use my morning commute to write SEO strategies and articles Google has a wonderful tour when she can turn on a talk-to-text feature. Is it available on my laptop, can use my PC with a headset, or I can even use my cell phone. what makes it so great is that as I drive I can empty my mind so to speak. I can talk about other things that I need to talk about in a free-flowing manner. Google didn’t take everything I have said and recorded translated into text. the translation in conversion is not 100% perfect, but it is sufficient to establish the broad Strokes of what I am saying. I can then go back in it’s been 5 minutes. Editing and fixing grammatical errors. This will be a critical tool in your toolbox as you do your plumber marketing.

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