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Plumber Marketing | Low Iron
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I want to tell you a short story that will help you with your plumber marketing needs. I’m 9 weeks pregnant and for the past week I’ve been having faint spell. At first we thought that it was just dehydration. when I had gone into my appointment 3 weeks ago and I needed to draw blood they had a hard time finding a vein because I was so dehydrated. So of course when I started having the faint spells we figured it was just because I didn’t have enough water in my body.

Dehydration can cause a gamete a problem, body weakness, fatigue, nausea, the list goes on and on. So I decided it was worth a shot of upping my liquid intake. I started drinking glasses and glasses of water. When that didn’t seem to do the trick I decided to try and electric like drink like Gatorade. after drinking my weight in that I still didn’t seem to have much change. My husband and father-in-law suggested I start taking electrolyte pills. Electrolyte pills are really just a fancy name for salt pills. The pills come and a capsule form and you take one with a large glass of water. I did that for several days but the faint spells continued.

Faint spells, are not for the faint of heart. Especially when you’re at home alone with your children. Every morning I would wake up and I would start to cook them breakfast. A typical breakfast scrambled eggs, toast, and a piece of fruit. I get halfway through scrambling the eggs when I would start feeling it. It came on Fast and hard. I would start getting the sweats, my breathing would be labored and I would suddenly feel very weak. I had to turn off the burner for the eggs and instantly lay down on the couch. Luckily my mother-in-law lives two doors down and she was able to come and get the kids fed and make sure that I was okay. No one likes to deal with something like this, especially on a regular basis, especially on top of feeling miserable with my other pregnancy symptoms. Don’t let your lack of marketing skills make you miserable, let us help you with our plumber marketing skill set to make things easier.

This morning I decided to message my OBGYN. I told him what had been going on and all of the remedies that Hyatt ride. he suggested that I go on an iron supplement. Sometimes in pregnancy you can become anemic and have low iron. My father-in-law, who is also a doctor, assumed that I had iron in my prenatal vitamin I had been taking. But, because it’s a gummy vitamin, they have taken out the iron in case children get ahold of it. so, my husband went to the grocery store and got me a 325 mg iron pill that I take with meals. I’m hopeful that in the next few days I will start to feel the effects and things will go back to normal. We hope that your business will feel the effects of our plumber marketing suggestions and you will succeed.

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