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Plumber Marketing | Meetings for Review
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After spending my time speaking and working with clients, and working our way through plumber marketing issues, I will often next couple hours drumming up business. I typically do this the old-fashioned way. I jump on my phone to start cold calling companies that I think I can help. In our line of work people of the skilled trades industries. Such as plumbers, construction workers, home remodelers, and builders. what is typical on these specific industries is that the owners are excellent at their trade. But they need significant help in the operations of a business.

Now let me say, that this is not a judgment statement or a slight against them, but to be good at something such as plumbing does not necessarily make you a good plumber marketing guru. So, I typically made between 75 and 150 phone calls on a given day trying to recruit more clients for Redmond growth consulting. not much of a success rate, is I can traditionally book one appointment per 75 calls. Which, is the number I’m actually pretty proud of. I’m keeping up with my colleagues and associates who happen to share an office building with us, I have a pretty high closing rates.

I credit this to having nearly 20 years of sales experience, and nearly 20 years of business and management experience. Mini my colleagues are in the early twenties I have not had enough experience to fully develop the life skill that is talking to other business owners. I have the advantage of not coming easily rattled, North am I made nervous very easily. In fact, these calls are going so well that some of our colleagues have again to show some recognition of that. Everything one of our calls is recorded so that they can be reviewed and analyzed and improved upon. Once a week we can go to a big team meeting for this purpose. FYI – you should also meet with your plumber marketing team.

Our calls are selected to be listened to and then work coached and comments are received for the sake of improvement. Most recent team meeting one of my calls was played at the end of the meeting, it was coming to bet I had the best. Which, having only been with the company for less than two months it was very encouraging. Now, I will fully admit that making cold calls is not something that I enjoy to do. In fact, it is a soul-sucking process that makes work a real chore. this is one of the reasons that I’ve decided to break up my day.

If I have to make cold calls all day oh, I don’t know if I would have the longevity needed to do my job well. I have found that it is much better for me to do no more than 2 or 3 hours worth of cold calling on any given day. What’s my call Czar completed, and all my plumber marketing work is done, attend to begin working on my special projects.

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