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Plumber Marketing | USA Girl Doll Details
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Let me tell you a story that will help you in your plumber marketing Journey. We have two little girls at our house. Their names are Abby and Alexa. they are the most girly, Magic loving, curly-headed, energetic, caring, compassionate,sassy, imaginative, and kind-hearted girls you have ever met.

Today I want to tell you about their favorite toys. when you’re their age there’s a lot to choose from. Some of Their favorites are Barbies, Legos, bicycles, scooters, sidewalk chalk, craft supplies, Stuffed animals, horses, mermaids, Shopkins, and Disney dolls. But possibly their most loved are their USA Girl dolls. Your business with be the most loved when you use our plumber marketing skills to market your business.

USA Girl dolls are 18 inch dolls. Most of them come with historical books that tell all about their story. Their outfits and accessories match the time. In which their stories are told. My girls love stop the girls have this aspect and as parents we love that it teaches them historical events. What’s better than an educational doll?

Not only do these dolls have their own stories but they are completely customizable. You can choose a hair color eye color skin color have your own personal dog not only that but you can also customize them with prosthetics, eye patches, hearing aids, wheelchairs, the sky’s the limit when it comes to making this doll match your child.

You don’t have to customize the dolls. They have plenty to choose from. In fact a lot of the dolls that are historical are not customizable because they wouldn’t match their story if you change anything about them. When deciding what dolls my girls wanted they both chose the store for dolls.

My eldest daughter Alexa, Chose the doll nania. Her story is set in 1941 and she comes from the historical time during Pearl Harbor in Hawaii. When Pearl Harbor is attacked in the world seems to be upside down she is determined to help her community she helps bandage people with the Red Cross, helps her grandparents at their Market.. She helps her friend and Comforts her for what she’s going through, and dances a special performance for the military. Let our plumber marketing tools help you perform at your maximum level.

Narnia comes with a tropical red button-up sleeveless shirt and a cute button front white skirt to pull it all together she has a necklace made of seashells and a beautiful Hawaiian flower clip for her hair.

Our other daughter Abby chose a doll named Blair. Blair story is set in modern day fine. She grows up on Pleasant Valley Farm where every day there’s a new way to bring joy to people’s lives. She helps greet the guests, plants the crops, parvis them, helped to take photos for the food blog that they have. At least she decided to help plan her first wedding. she teaches the importance of having face-to-face friendship and how is that trumps any social media relationship. Blair comes with a bumblebee button front dress purple sandals and a yellow bracelet.

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