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Plumber Marketing | Girl Doll Descriptions
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Let me tell you a story that will help you with your plumber marketing needs. For the past few articles I’ve been telling you all about the USA girls and how these dolls are imaginative, historical, educational, and oh so cute. Every little girl I know wants to have one, be just like one, and join the club of millions of other girls who have become USA Girl doll owners.

I’ve been talking a lot about the description of each doll and we have gone one by one and I told you what they look like, the history that, the creativity that these creators have used to make these dolls who they are. I have a few more to go so let’s get going.

Our next doll lives in the time of 1964. her name is Melody and as you could guess by the name she is a lover of music. When Melody is asked to sing orchids day she is Overjoyed with excitement. But picking the perfect song is much more difficult than she thought it ever could be. Her brother Johnson, gives her some great advice. He says it’s not about choosing the right lyrics that works well for her Talent, it’s about choosing a song that means something to her family. After many weeks and wrestling with so many auction she finds a song that says everything that she has been feeling inside and everything she wants the audience to feel. The fight for justice and freedom helps Melody find her voice like never before. Melody teaches young girls the power of using your talent for good. It teaches young girls just drive for what’s right and to not be selfish with their gifts.

Melody comes with a turquoise round hat, her accessories are cat eye turquoise and white sunglasses an equal rights 10 and a patent leather turquoise purse. Her dress is gingham with turquoise and lime-green woven throughout. one of the accessory kits you can purchase is a yellow piano with its own stand that actually works a music stand that is adjustable retro microphone. It would be the perfect gift for the little performer in your life. Perform at your highest level when you put into action our plumber marketing techniques.

Another accessory kit that you can purchase for Melody is a celebration kit. a retro metal table fitting for the time is adorned with a happy birthday tablecloth with purple pink and green flowers. Atop the table is a turquoise cake stand with matching cups and picture and the creme de La Creme is a chocolate cake that can be cut into pieces. nothing says happy birthday to the special girl in your life like a melody doll in her birthday kit. Say something special to your clients by using our plumber marketing kit.

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