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Plumber Marketing | When Opportunity Strikes
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Plumber marketing success can look like a casual conversation at Starbucks and all of a sudden they’re writing a check for thousands of dollars, I’m fully expecting to have a 30 to 100% return on their investment within the year. I suppose that is why they became high with individuals you have that special knack for seeing an opportunity.

Now I am for you not to be one of those people who think that you can only do that when you already have a large wallet and bank account. All of these people that I know well typically started with very little. When you have $10, you look for $10 opportunities. When you have $1,000 you look for $1,000 opportunities. And you have $1000000 he should be looking for million-dollar opportunities. consistently double your money every year to take advantage of these quick little opportunities, you’re going to become very wealthy very fast. Takes just a few short years for that reoccurring $10 investment to become that million-dollar Slush fund.

Another great advertising opportunity For your plumber marketing is via media. let’s break these down one by one. First and foremost, radio the tried-and-true classic wave advertising Believe It or Not, people still listen to the radio very often. I know I do. Not jump around a lot because like anybody I do not enjoy sitting and listening to commercials oh, but the reality is that I hear them, and so do your future and potential clientele.

Remember night a customer needs to see your message in your name and your brand at least four times before they’re willing to make a buying decision. having a reoccurring radio spot that’s a great way to build that brand awareness. It may not even be consciously aware that they know who you are, but after they’ve heard your radio spot a couple times and then they receive your postcard in the mail, all of a sudden you’re there to go to.

But I encourage you to be really creative with her where you at. You have to have something that people notice. You do not want if you just caught the white noise of the world. You need something that catch people’s attention and preferably even makes them laugh. What am I favorite all-time radio commercials with action by Roto-Rooter drama and they are probably one of your plumber marketing competitors, so I probably shouldn’t be talking about them too much.

however the radio commercial so darn good that I can’t help it talk about it at least a little bit. They come out to every single year near the Halloween season in which they do a poem I think it’s from Mark Twain. something about a raven, but it is so darn catchy. If it’s the the season absolutely perfectly it’s very dark and dreary, while at the same time being funny in an obvious parody.

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