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You cannot see the plumber marketing plans as optional. If you want them to change, and if you want to be successful, you have to see them as mandatory and important. Within this reality of self-discipline and efforts, there is a pretty wide Lane for your specific talents and abilities. And even for your preferences. There are some people who are guru’s when it comes to online marketing oh, and there are other people who are amazing at face-to-face sales, or outbound sales calls, or inbound sales calls, some may be great at product demonstrations others may be great at technical sales.

the key to success is finding what you are good at, what you are comfortable with, and what you can help yourself enjoy. Once we find that still set within you, we can focus on it and make it as part of your very successful plumber marketing plans. Fitness goals are very similar to this. Some people are cardiovascular junkies. I know guys that can run for 10 miles and barely be winded because that is their thing. T

hey love to run marathons. That is not me. So ask you things in this world I hate more than getting up and running. However, there are other people who are very successful on cardiovascular machines like rowers or ellipticals. I said a little bit more to this camp. I enjoy an elliptical. it tends to hurt my joints a little bit less, and I get the added benefit of being of the throw a show on a tablet and be distracted from the exercise that in reality I hate. Similarly, there are people who really enjoy lifting weights.

A demon within that subject to there’s a lot of variety. There are those who have the goal of fitness. So they list smaller weights a whole lot of times. There are also those who are most interested in broad strength. These guys will lift really heavy stuff just once or twice always trying to increase their max. Again, I far prefer weight lifting over cardiovascular fitness. I kind of fit into the camps in between the fitness blisters, and the strength builders.

I really enjoyed the idea of becoming very fit, I personally have no desire to be really lean and skinny. I also like the idea of being able to lift really heavy stuff and have a lot of bulk, I have very little interest in being uncomfortably big, and having a lot of the joint and health problems that come with powerlifting. But that’s okay. similar to your plumber marketing plans, life is about finding your balance. there’s definitely things that you’re going to have to put yourself on, and are going to be things that you have to develop skill sets and that you are not currently comfortable with, but we should be able to find form a funnel marketing that is very comfortable within your skill-set and desires.

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