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Plumber Marketing | Create your own USA Girl Doll
This content was written for Redmond Growth

Let me tell you a story that will help you with your plumber marketing. for the past three days I’ve been telling you all about the USA Girl dolls and how imaginative, creative, an educational these dolls are. My husband and I have three daughters and all of them have fallen madly in love with these little gems.

And my past articles we have gone one by one and I have told you all about the historical dolls and their stories. Now I want to talk to you about how you can create your own USA Girl doll. The downside to these dolls is that they don’t come with a history background, or books to read. However, they can be fully customized to look exactly like your daughter. In our experience having a doll that looks like your child, especially when your child looks different than the majority of other children, it can be life-changing.

Our oldest daughter has super tight light blond curly hair. No one in our circle of friends has hair quite like hers. To my husband and I we think she looks like an angel. A glowing Halo of curls surrounds her precious cherub little face. Everywhere we go people comment on how stunningly beautiful the crows are. She however, doesn’t agree. They can get nodded, unruly, and her biggest complaint is that no one she knows has hair like hers. All of her friends have straight long and in her words mermaid hair. It didn’t help that one going to the store all of the barbies, and dolls, had straight long hair. Then, Along Came the USA Girl dolls. we open the magazine and saw that they have an array of skin colors, eye colors, hair colors and textures to choose from the options are endless. your business options and clients could be endless if you apply our plumber marketing skills.

We decided that maybe this could be something that she would enjoy and could feel with solidarity towards. We started by picking out the skin color a pretty light olive to match hers. Hazel eyes that were round and pretty pink lips. Next came, you guessed it, the hair. We found the perfect shade of blond and surprisingly enough a curl pattern that looks just like hers. She couldn’t be more excited to get her doll in the mail. When it arrived she was overjoyed and it hasn’t left her side since. It has really helped her to embrace her curls and be confident in the way that she looks. As a parent, nothing is greater than watching your child be confident and comfortable and who they are. We have been truly blessed by the USA Girl dolls company and all they do to support families and diversity. hope your business to diversify by using our plumber marketing toolkit.

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