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This content was written for Redmond Growth.

Do you find you get distracted a lot in the day-to-day activities of the business and find it hard to concentrate on proven plumber marketing strategies? do you think it would be an awesome thing for you to actually implement some proven strategies with your plumber marketing so that it makes a lasting results in the revenues of your business? And then when it comes to dominating in the industry and making things a reality for your business, what can it take for you to go the extra mile in your plumber marketing efforts? Well fortunately for you, it’s time for you to get involved with an organization like Redmond growth. They have been a consistent resource for people to follow and take the time to grow with. So by getting in touch with Tim Redmond in our team here, you’ll be able to see some great things come about with your business.

That’s right you’ll get in touch with our main founder Tim Redmond will be able to go the extra distance and get these things going. the way we start the whole conversation is by having an hour-long 13 point assessment the man himself Tim Redmond. This is a guide who will get in your face about your business which you may not think is an advantage, but old-time people feel very shy about approaching controversy and conflicts. But since Tim has an Irish heritage and is naturally a little bit confrontational, he’s a guy who is going to reinforce and make sure that whatever is talking about actually makes a difference.

So fortunately for you, by getting involved with Redmond growth in getting things do happen, you’ll deftly be able to get in touch with our organization make things happen. We make things happen by having an actual person assigned to you every single week where you meet with them and they become almost your business psychologists. At many times, contractors and business owners have all sorts of things they deal with emotionally and need somebody to help amount and how to face that situation. Nobody’s really effectively trained on managing people and furthermore, no is trained and really anything that is a proven system actually getting things done. Because whenever you going to graduate from University about marketing strategies and getting things to happen, you actually aren’t getting to learn specific things in your business.

So by having someone you meet with every single week to ensure that things really happen, he gives you a whole new sense of perspective and respect for organization. Because we know that too many companies that are out there are very lackluster and the average approach is to have meetings where nothing gets done. And so we look to do is to make sure that with every meeting something is happening and where proactively working on the business all the time. And whether business owners see it as a valuable factor or not, we know that this itself helps us to stand out tremendously.

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