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Plumber Marketing | 6th Birthday Party
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Let me talk to you about a story that will help you with your plumber marketing. We have two daughters who have birthdays in April. The eldest will be turning 6 at the end of the month. So we’ve been doing lots of planning and talking to make it the most magical day ever.

When you have a 5 year old who is turning six, the birthday party is a really big deal. We’ve been talking about it for weeks and I’ve had a countdown going for over a month. Every day I’m asked how many days until my birthday. the wait for her it’s agonizing. As it should be, turning six is a really big deal. You no longer can use one hand to show how old you are you’ve graduated to that to hand system and that’s big stuff.

When planning the party we started by talking about location. Do you want to go to Chucky Cheese, the roller rink, a park, really the sky’s the limit. She finally landed on having her party at a friend’s pool. many might think that swimming in April would be way too cold. But we live in Tulsa and as I sit here at the end of March outside on my porch, the thermostat reads 80 degrees. So a month from now we shouldn’t have any issues with it being warm enough to swim outside. Pools need serviced this time of year, help those clients find you with our plumber marketing tools.

Next comes choosing the theme. for a six-year-old there’s really so many options. they’re still young enough to buy into the princesses, the unicorns, all the magical glittery girly Little Things. So we discussed and pretty immediately landed that no pool birthday party is complete without mermaid tails and a magical Lagoon.

So, Mermaid Lagoon party it is. most of her friends have their own mermaid tails that they will bring. we will provide / , sparkly dive treasure, seashell crowns, and all the mermaid themed treats they can handle. Chocolate mermaid tails, vanilla wafers turned into clams holding Pearl candies, goldfish, graham cracker sand on a bed blue Jell-O to resemble the ocean and the crowning Jewel of all an Ariel cake. no mermaid party is complete without Ariel making an appearance. Make sure that you have an online appearance with our plumber marketing techniques.

Good decorations for a mermaid party can be really fun. A balloon Garland with tropical colors and pearl balloons will provide a beautiful backdrop. a bubble machine viewing out hundreds of little bubbles a minute will be a nice magical touch. The Little Mermaid soundtrack playing in the background will a acknowledge in full force what this party is all about. I’m sure all of her friends will be so excited as they walk into the magical Mermaid Lagoon.

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