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Managing nonprofit organizations can be very difficult in light of today’s economic challenges without partnering with an experienced nonprofit consultant like Tim Redmond. The organizations Tim Redmond has worked with usually are overworked, understaffed and underfunded. They want to fulfill their amazing purpose in such a much bigger way but they feel stuck to a degree.

There are challenges with donor management, making sure that there is proper marketing and market awareness, and making sure that your staff is highly accountable and productive. This is where Tim Redmond and Redmond Growth Consulting can really be a huge help to you, your board, and your overall nonprofit organization.

Nonprofit consulting is something that Tim Redmond is an expert in. His team has worked with a number of nonprofit organizations, many of which have been supported by Tulsa Community Foundation or the United Way of Tulsa. When Tim Redmond meets with the Executive Director of the a non-profit, he provides them with an evaluation of their organization, where they are, where they want to go, and concludes the 30 minute to one hour free consultation with a number of concrete action items and steps to take to immediately begin to move the needles.

When nonprofits become familiar with Tulsa nonprofit consultant Tim Redmond, they are pleasantly surprised at the extent of his experience and capabilities to help them. Not only does Tim Redmond provide decades worth of experience in strategic planning, wise and timely counsel and a very effective way of instilling a powerful culture of accountability and productivity, he also helps his nonprofit consulting clients with implementing what they need done, such as:

• Website design, creation and maintenance
• Branding and increasing overall awareness of the non-profit in their community and with their ideal and most likely donors
• Graphic Design, Photography, and Video
• Press Relations
• SEO/Top of Google
• Online and offline marketing
• Fundraising design and implementation
• Executive coaching
• Leadership and management training so your organization gets better results
• Board selection and management
• Social media management
• Business/non-profit strategy development
• Sales/fundraising training
• Copy-writing
• HR/Staff Management
• Workflow Design
• 3D and aerial/drone videos
• Event Planning

Tim Redmond meets with the nonprofit consulting Tulsa client (or nonprofits outside of Tulsa and Oklahoma – Redmond Growth Consulting serves clients all over the world) on a weekly or twice a month basis with the Executive Director and/or her team to strategize, create action items for that week, AND to make sure last week’s items have been completed.

With many nonprofit consultants, they will meet with the client on a monthly basis, create a list of 5 or more “to do” action items for the client to complete. When they meet the following month, the consultant will ask if all 5 of the action items were complete. The nonprofit client frequently responds with, “I was too busy putting out fires and managing the whirlwind of daily activities, I didn’t get any of them done.”

What is different about Tim Redmond’s approach to consulting nonprofits and businesses, is that when the list of “to do” items are created, let’s say the same 5 that the other nonprofit consultant created. Tim Redmond will then say, my team will take care of the first 4 action items, and you take care of the last one which shouldn’t take more than 30 minutes to complete. We don’t wait until the following month to find out what has been done and what new issues there are to address.

Tulsa business consultant Tim Redmond would prefer to meet on a WEEKLY basis to make sure that everyone on the team is working together to MOVE THE NEEDLES! Tim has found it much easier to correct, motivate, redirect or take over an issue on a weekly basis rather than a monthly or quarterly basis. The results speak for themselves. Redmond Growth Consulting has seen increases of 20%, 50%, and even 100% increases in results over a 12 month period.

How does Tim Redmond and his team get so much done to help ministries and nonprofits achieve their goals? Let’s take fundraising as an example:

A big difficulty for the nonprofits is effective fundraising especially when the organization does not have the money to invest in a proper fundraising campaign. Tim Redmond and his Tulsa business consulting firm called Redmond Growth Consulting based in Tulsa, OK has helped a number of nonprofit organizations raise the money they needed to fulfill their unique purpose. They have analyzed the current donor base, helped the nonprofit organization to identify the profile of the ideal and most likely donor, helped the client compile a detailed list of prospect donors, and written the scripts, letters and emails needed to create and implement the fundraising campaign. Nonprofit clients frequently see dormant donors activated along with many new donors introduced to the non-profit organization’s work.

There have been very few non-profit organizations that can afford to hire a marketing staff, SEO experts, web design and coder specialists, graphic designers and Google adword, Facebook, and Adroll Retargeting managers to be able to really push the non-profit organization to grow in the way it is capable of growing. As a result of experiencing non-profit consultant Tim Redmond’s business evaluation, every non-profit (especially those are struggling with their cash flow and a “below their expectations with their donations”) has identified a number of revenue-generating ideas and Tim Redmond has presented a number of solid, practical action items to get started generating and increasing the revenue levels of the organization.