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This content was written for Redmond Growth.

Holmes, are you ready to investigate what is going on with your marketing plumbing work able to find out some hard-core truths about business? Would it not make sense for you to work with an organization that can audit everything that’s going on the business and give you some strong great insights into how you can improve your business and make more money in the business? There are often some great things that you’re able to implement with your work and great things to keep you from going down under and down below their efforts. By working with a great organization like Redmond growth, you’re able to see some core factors of success and growth with your marketing plumbing. So if you are struggling with your marketing plumbing, then all it takes is to make that first step and to give us a call at 918-298-7766’s that you can do this consistently.


Now for this first call, you’ll be able to see a tremendous impact just off of the hour-long assessment that wrap Tim read. That’s right you have this call with the Tim Redmond, the guy who eventually sold his business into it the creators of TurboTax and QuickBooks. These guys have seen the value in what Tim was building with his on accounting and software company. So when he sold the business, business owners and contractors awake went up to him and said hey how the heck did you do it and how can I do that it might? So what he talked to them about was different efforts and different things that he did in their work that you can get some great fantastic efforts forward. That’s why it truly is important that your at least tapas first call just to see it even makes sense you to work with the crazy team like us.


And that’s a pretty important question to figure out whether or not it makes sense to work with us. Because honestly, if we take a clear look at most business owners, most do not have what it takes to go through these specific action items that we encourage all business owners to do. That’s because most business owners like to just settle with the mediocrity that they have been the. Now while that is a harsh truth in might see something that is little cold, we know too many business owners out there who have taken egregious steps to working and functioning Great Lakes in their business.


But here’s one thing that you need to know about working with his organization is that they go to the deep lengths of anything that you and even the business. So for many people, they just need somebody who can talk to them about the issues and their business give them solutions and make sure to keep them accountable to those solutions. We find many business owners struggle to keep that upbeat tempo to their work and that high urgency to get things done. So by working with us, they hire that pivotal tempo to be in their life so that they can incorporate that in their business and reciprocated. Getting in touch with us today really does make a significant world of difference and I know that you’ll see some great success and great points of view today.

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